The Antifa Chick Is Not a Victim, Just a Violent Moron

In the aftermath of what’s been termed the ‘Battle of Berkeley,’ a video surfaced showing a supposed ‘white supremacist’ punching a girl on the Antifa side in the face. The chick’s, Louise Rosealma’s, original story to CBS News in San Fransisco is that she “wasn’t looking for a fight.” She insists she was punched while trying to avoid violence, but the evidence shows a different story.

This Antifa Chick is not a victim, just a violent moron.

First of all, the group of Antifas Rosealma was with went to Berkeley that day to do the same thing they do at every other event: cause mayhem, destroy property, beat up civilians. They were there to carry out a premeditated attack, just like the one they and BAMN orchestrated against Milo fans a few months ago.

One could argue that no upstanding individual would proudly claim to be within the ranks of Antifa (as Rosealma did) without intending to act violent or support their violence. Just by being there under the flag of the Antifas, you could almost justify punching her the second the Antifas began to be violent. But even if not, there’s more to the story.

She wasn’t just with a group of violent thugs. She was actively supporting and propagating violence herself.

Leading up to the event she posted on Facebook that she was going to collect “100 NAZI scalps.” A statement that is rather ironic now that she’s bitching about online bullying. Also, during the event, when asked if she “condemned the throwing of fireworks” she responded with, “the revolution isn’t fucking easy….”

These statements obviously do not show someone looking to peacefully protest. It shows a mental case that wants to participate in violent thuggery. She clearly sees violence as a reasonable means to shut up her political opposition, and isn’t anything close to the angel, nor victim, the Left portrayed her as.

Additionally, the video making the rounds only shows the second part of her confrontation with the ‘white supremacist.’ She was punched by him about eight seconds before that viral clip, and video showing the first time she was punched gives us some very important context. She was throwing large wine bottles at the “Patriots Day” attendees.

Hurling a large wine bottle into a crowd is extremely dangerous and violent. This means she’s not the victim, but the perpetrator. And considering people were stuffing fireworks into wine bottles, she very well could have been throwing an explosive device.

In short, she’s not in any way innocent. It was only after she threatened and supported violence and then committed acts of violence herself, including a possible assault with a deadly weapon, that she was punched in face.

Her entire victim narrative that the Left is helping to push is BS. This Antifa chick is not a victim, she’s just another violent leftist thug carrying out an act of domestic terrorism.

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