Audi Debunked the Wage Gap Myth…While Arguing It’s Legitimacy

The “wage gap” is a reference (usually made by feminists) to the inequality in pay between men and women. An inequality that is argued to solely exist because corporation’s prefer to screw over individuals with vaginas. This supposed inequality is easily proven to be false. So easily, Audi debunked the wage gap myth accidentally, while arguing the legitimacy of the wage gap.

Here’s how it went down in three tweets:

First, Audi aired this Superbowl commercial pushing the wage gap myth and tweeted about it:

Next, Audi was called on this idiotic virtue signaling by some random twitter user:

Finally, Audi KO’ed themselves by pointing out why the wage gap isn’t true…accidentally:

This isn’t the first time this has happened. Just a few months ago, Huffington Post teamed up with Kristen Bell to do a satirical commercial in which they accidentally debunked the wage gap myth. They even went as far as to expose almost every single lie that feminists have used to spread this myth of women being paid less than men solely because of the patriarchy.

Yes. We know the left is wildly hypocritical, and their positions aren’t ones of rational thought. Regardless, it still amazes me. How can so many people be this oblivious to the holes in there own BS narratives?

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