Chelsea Handler Wants Jail Time for Racist Jokes

Yesterday, Chelsea Handler decided to weigh in on a story about two Chinese tourists who were arrested under Germany’s hate speech laws because they did a Hitler salute in front of the German Parliament. It turns out she’s all for them being arrested, and thinks we should have ‘laws here [in the US] for people who think racism is funny.’

Yep, that’s right. Chelsea Handler wants jail time for racist jokes.

This is not only anti-free speech, but also quite ironic. She regularly makes jokes that, depending who you ask, would be considered racist.

Most recently, she mocked Melania Trump’s accent, saying “she can barely speak English.” Melania has given entire speeches in English, making it abundantly clear Handler was mocking the fact that she sounds different than most Americans.

Then, there’s that joke she once made about Angelina Jolie’s adopted Asian child. On Jay Leno she said, “he probably doesn’t even know he’s Asian, yet. He certainly doesn’t know he’s going to be a horrible driver. Or that he’s going to be amazing at doing nails”

Finally, there was that time Chelsea got her co-host to dress up as Hitler after Germany won the World Cup.

This, my friends, is why lefty comedians make for crappy political commentators. 

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