Clock Boy Had a Hoax Bomb. Your Feelings Aren’t Evidence.

Last week, a story broke that we’re supposed to believe overwhelmingly proves America is full of bigoted Islamaphobes, fearful of small children with foreign names.

This story was initially described as a brilliant young Arab boy bringing a homemade clock invention to school, only to be ruthlessly harassed by administrators, arrested and interrogated by racist officers. This was all said to have occurred because these supposedly bigoted Americans thought there was no way an Arab, Muslim boy could conceive of the idea to invent a clock without attaching explosives to it. As one Salon writer says, “the subtext is clear: if the boy is a Muslim, he must be a terrorist.

Their description would have lead any rational human being to see a picture of a young, more dignified middle eastern version of Flavor Flave, but most of the initial reporting turned out to be inaccurate. The real story goes something like this:

Ahmed, a Muslim and brown skinned high school freshman, disassembles a digital clock and puts it in a pencil box that resembles a miniature briefcase. This “invention” resembled a briefcase bomb you would see in a movie. Ahmed then takes said briefcase clock to school. His engineering teacher notices that it obviously looks suspicious, something Ahmed mentions he thought himself before taking it to school. So, she tells him to put it in his locker and not carry it around where everyone can see it.

Of course, Ahmed decides that the best course of action to ignore his teachers request, and he continued carrying it around school. Later in the day, his English teacher notices the briefcase clock, resembling a bomb, at which point she sends him to the Principal. They call the authorities. Then, the cops detain him due his vague answers on why he would bring the clock, that looks like a bomb, to school. Once they realize that he probably didn’t intend to cause alarm, or that it just wasn’t worth the trouble finding out his intent, he is released with no charges.

In a society not terrified to think for themselves, the corrections and edits to current articles and blog posts, pictures of the actual hoax bomb, and more accurate reporting of what happened would have calmed the hysteria and resulted in apologies.

It would have been a wonderful learning lesson for Ahmed. And if he had a real father, rather than a race-baiting opportunist, he would have been punched in face. Okay…maybe not punched in the face. But hell, even a liberal pansy of a father would have at least sat him down and compassionately said: “Now little Ahmed, we want you to express yourself, but please don’t take anymore objects that obviously appear explosive in nature to school. Oh yeah, and don’t act like an arrogant ass when they call the cops on you for a hoax bomb.”

Of course, most don’t care about the obvious inconsistencies in the original reporting. They still make the argument that the teachers and cops were not concerned about a student brining a clock resembling a bomb, which if done with ill intent is a crime. They were concerned about the student because he had different skin color and, or, practiced a different religion. It was their white privilege kicking in. After all, they say, a white kid with a clock that looks like a bomb would have been given an award.

You know, like the white pop-art gun kid who got a goody box from Microsoft & was offered a seat at the Google Science Fair. Or the white student that was suspended for having a terrifying AK picture on his computer that just received an invite to the White House. And the dumb little hicks that shape their fingers to resemble such dangerous objects, I dare not mention them third time, who got a shout-out from Facebook’s Mark Zucherberg & a NASA geologist.

Oh, wait…Yep, that was Clock Boy who received all that praise and adornment. My bad. But please, don’t let truth get in way. Let’s all continue being enraged about the superior treatment of white kids over brilliant young Muslim, “Turn an Alarm Clock Inside-Out” inventors.

This inaccurate, shameful slandering of individuals who mean no harm to anyone and are taking perfectly reasonable actions is vile, idiotic, and can produce severe consequences for those involved. If your running around yelling about the racist tendencies of someone you just heard of two days ago, without any substantial evidence of their moral depravity, stop being a whiney little fascist.

For your sake, shut the hell up. Your nothing but tool to the left, so that might be you one day.