College Socialist Group Calls for “Militant Resistance” Against Mean Words

Last week, American Vanguard, a white nationalist organization, put up posters on the UH campus promoting their organization. The posters asked whites to “take a stand” against the “lying, jewish media,” who they say advocate for importation of non-white immigrants to America for financial benefit.

American Vanguard is clearly a group of morally depraved idiots. They believe that immoral cultural beliefs and a lack of values are directly connected to the color of one’s skin. They also believe that non-whites are morally inferior and that we should stop letting them in our country. These ideas are, of course, disgusting and repulsive.

This should have been a uniting moment for the UH student body at large. After all, everyone can to get behind a firm repudiation of such nonsense. I’m sure the entire student body would have very much enjoyed to have seen this group of idiots challenged or mocked for their ridiculous beliefs in the free market of ideas.

Instead, like good little commies, one Leftist group couldn’t help themselves.

Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) at UH, a socialist group, tore down the white nationalist posters and put up a flyer of their own. On their flyer they demanded UH administrators condemn the posting of white nationalist propaganda and called for “militant resistance” against American Vanguard for displaying their ideas on the UH campus.

Today we plastered this flyer across campus on account of the UH administration's inaction and silence in the face of a…

Posted by Students For a Democratic Society at UH on Thursday, April 27, 2017

SDS justifies their calls for violence by insisting that these white nationalists’ repulsive opinions are “terrorism.” But terrorism has an actual definition. Terrorism is when someone uses violence for political gain. It is not when someone expresses an idea that you disagree with, even when that idea is racist, or just plain absurd.

American Vanguard did not advocate for terrorism. The only group advocating for terrorism here is SDS.

SDS could have condemned the ideas. They could have expressed their disgust at the repulsive content in a rational way, making sound arguments against the white nationalist morons. But they chose to silence their political opposition by tearing down their property and then advocated for violence against them.

Also, the particular wording chosen by SDS is disturbing.

“Militant resistance” is the exact same wording used by the socialist groups BAMN and Antifa. We’ve seen what that looks like, and it’s not pretty. Berkeley gave us a taste of what “militant resistance” means to the Left: beating others with wine bottles and sticks, hurling rocks and bricks, deploying tear gas, attacking in mobs, stomping & kicking people, starting fires, smashing windows, and throwing fireworks. Considering these radical Leftist groups tend to include all conservatives in with ‘white nationalists’ and ‘fascists,’ such violence is likely to be perpetrated against anyone that identifies with or defends Republicans.

Simply put, Students for a Democratic Society at UH have shown themselves to be the bad guys. They took a golden opportunity to call for unity in verbal opposition against actual white nationalist and threw it aside to become the very fascists they so adamantly claim to oppose. They, in the end, are the greater threat to the safety of UH students.

*Oh yeah, by the way… I wouldn’t recommend a “militant resistance” on a campus where students have the right to defend themselves with their concealed handguns. That shit works in Berkeley…probably not here in Texas. So, how about we just calm the hell down.