It’s Not Hypocritical That Conservatives Want Colin Kaepernick Fired

Conservatives Want Colin Kaepernick Fired

Yes. I know. You’re tired of hearing about Colin Kaepernick, an idiot whom you could care less about. Trust me, I’m there with you. But this situation has brought to light an interesting debate.

Many liberals, and even some conservatives and libertarians, find the response from their more vocal conservative friends to be hypocritical. They believe the conservatives burning their Kaepernick jerseys and, or, suggesting the NFL punish Kaepernick are not for his right to free-speech. But those hurling these accusations are wrong. If you compare this incident to previous ones, they are very different.

For instance, let’s compare the Kaepernick incident to the recent infringment of the first amendment right of Rohini Sethi.

Rohini was the VP of the UH Student Governemnt Association (SGA) that was in the news recently because she was temporarily stripped of her position. This was one of many sanctions brought down on her by the SGA President for posting “Forget #BlackLivesMatter; more like #AllLivesMatter” on her Facebook page. The UH SGA is wholly funded by the University of Houston (a public university). They must adhere to the same standards as UH, concerning the removal and sanctioning of paid government employees. Meaning, her speech was essentially being punished by the government.

Unlike the UH SGA, the NFL is a private company that is not funded by the government. Agreeing that they should punish Kaepernick isn’t supporting the stripping of his constitutionally protected right to free speech. Also, people inside and outside that entity have a constitutional right to express their displeasure. Saying Kaepernick, or Rohini, is an idiot, or burning memorabilia associated with them, is a completely protected speech, as well.

Now, let’s say the UH SGA was privately funded, like the NFL. What makes it different than the Kaepernick case? Rohini made a political statement on her personal Facebook page. Kaepernick, on the other hand, made his statement on his employer’s field, while working for them. Therefore, arguing that the NFL would be justified in firing Kaepernick is wildly different from arguing that a privately funded SGA would be justified in firing Rohini.

You see, some conservatives believe the NFL should discipline Kaepernick because he is representing the NFL, and the 49ers, while on that field. He is not just making these statements on his own time. He’s doing this while he’s at work. He’s using his employer, the NFL, as a platform to push his false, race-baiting narrative. Therefore, by not taking disciplinary action, the NFL appears to be okay with being represented as a supporter of the narrative being presented by Kaepernick. The NFL is showing that they are perfectly fine with themselves being represented as a company in support of slandering police officers as racist murderers.

It’s pretty simple. If your at work, or on the job, and choose to continually use your employer and their resources as a means to push your beliefs, they are not violating your free-speech in taking disciplinary action. They are exercising their own right to free-speech.

More importantly, if you’re pushing a narrative mired in controversy and completely inaccurate, the employer is not only justified to, but should feel obligated to, take disciplinary action. And if they choose not to, it is not hypocritical for those that believe in the principle of free-speech, and have financially supported said company, to call for disciplinary action.

If you want to criticize someone for being hypocritical, there’s a pretty clear and logical target. It’s the company that won’t allow the Dallas Cowboys to wear a sticker on their helmet honoring fallen Dallas police officers, but allows to Colin to continue his BLM shenanigans.

The NFL are the hypocrites, not the conservatives exercising their freedom of speech, by criticizing the Colin’s ignorance.