Donald Trump Doesn’t Care About the Supreme Court

If you’ve reluctantly jumped on the Trump train to stop Hillary, I get it. She’s the near reincarnate of Satan, and allowing her and Bill to serve a third term will be beyond devastating for the country. Unfortunately, the downfalls of Clinton are not an excuse for the downfalls of Trump.

When I say downfalls, I’m not just talking about Trump’s character. I’m speaking of fact that Trump is a leftist. He has the instincts of a leftist, principles of a leftist, morality of a leftist, and his policy proposals are far left.

So why are so many “conservatives” sold on the idea that he will better than Hillary? I’m pretty sure that most conservatives know Trump’s not in their corner. They’re just concerned that Hillary, unlike Trump, will nominate left wing activists to the Supreme Court and give citizenship to tens of millions of illegal immigrants.

Sadly both of these New York Leftists, not just Hillary, will pick crappy justices and implement horrendous immigration policies.

As for the first issue, Donald Trump doesn’t care about the Supreme Court. Hell, he doesn’t even seem know what the Supreme Court does. Let’s put that aside, though. Instead, let’s take a look at what he thinks the role of our government should be.

Trump thinks that universal healthcare is a good ideabelieves bureaucrats should be allowed to ban people from buying guns by putting them on a listhas shifted back and forth as to whether we should be giving taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood, and he thinks we should open up libel laws so he can sue those criticizing him. Those aren’t ideas of one who is concerned about the Constitution. Those are the ideas of one who doesn’t respect the individual rights of which this country was founded upon.

You might bring up Trump’s list of Supreme Court picks (which honestly is pretty darn good). That’s a fair point, but it’s also important to note that his instinct was to choose his left wing activist sister. And what has he been truthful about that would lead one to think he’s not lying about his commitment to his current SCOTUS picks?

Also, there’s the difficulty of getting through an originalist Supreme Court Justice. To think Trump, a self described deal maker, will put up the fight needed to get originalist justices is not the least bit rational. In all likelihood we will get left-leaning justices out of a Trump Presidency. Anything beyond that would be an act of divine providence.

What about illegal immigration? Will Trump “BUILD A WALL!!!” instead of handing out citizenship like Hillary?

To be fair, this is a much more convincing argument than the previous. But I have a yuge problem with believing that Trump will not give amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. His plan, although hard to pin down because it changes so regularlyhas many times sounded like touch-back amnesty. So basically, he’s in favor of giving citizenship, as long as they walk out and then walk right back in.

Also, he’s been incredibly shifty on this issue. Back in 2012 he said that Romney’s idea of self-deportation sounded too harsh. Then, during the primaries he was all for building a wall, making Mexico pay for it, assembling a deportation force to kick them all out, and, soon after clinching the nomination, he was convinced a Mexican judge couldn’t rule fairly on his case because…you know, Mexicans! Of course later on, once again, he and his surrogates were flirting with the idea of giving amnesty to some illegals in the name of compassion. But he did eventually switch back to his hardcore immigration stance a week or so later.

But sure, you can trust him on immigration, the one single issue for which he still kind of stands on the side of conservatism. Again, kind of, but not really.

Adding to this, last week we got another indication that he’s not serious about getting decent justices or stopping illegal immigration. Instead, Trump is now on a mission to intentionally hurt the campaigns of fellow Republican Senate and House members. How so? The Donald is sending out his surrogates to encourage others to vote for Trump, but not other Republicans down ballot.

They may say they’re doing this because of globalism or the establishment or [insert any other negative, borderline conspiratorial, hyperbole]. In reality, they’re doing this because Trump got his feelings hurt and wants to lash out at those who don’t wish to be associated with his lewd comments about women.

This is significant because he will need these Republican Senators to get conservative Supreme Court justices and stop mass illegal immigration (and amnesty). This makes it blatantly obvious that Trump doesn’t have the best interest of the conservative movement, nor the well-being of the country as a whole, in mind.

We’ve already lost the Presidency, the Supreme Court, probably the immigration battle, and now possibly Congress. All consequences of Republican primary voters nominating an immoral leftist.

We’re in for a rough four years. Let’s not make it any worse by voting for the man who lacks all allegiance to our principles and beliefs just because he currently has an “R” next to his name. Let’s not make Trump the standard bearer of the conservative movement when there aren’t any significant differences between him and the Clintons.

This is not the time to compromise our principles. This is the time to stand firm as #NeverNewYorkLeftists against two of worst candidates to ever run for the office.