Even Carson Doesn’t Know Why Carson Endorsed Trump

Back in mid-January, everyone about lost their shit when Sarah Palin, an icon of the Tea Party movement, endorsed Donald Trump. But at least her opiate induced rant about “right-wingin’, bitter-clingin’, proud-clingers” and “rockin’ rollers and Holy rollers!” gave us some much needed laughter, during what we knew was sure to be an election cycle from hell. Due to her ramblings resembling more of an SNL parody than an endorsement speech, her credibility was destroyed and the reverence for her opinion was no longer a threat.

Carson, on the other hand, was smart enough to stay away from Palin’s special Eskimo Brownies. He seemed, however, to be in a borderline Valium-induced coma, but that’s the case at every public appearance he makes. Except that time he almost went full-ghetto on the press.

As for the context of his speech, it didn’t exactly clear up the confusion as for why Carson, the most principled man in the race, would endorse Trump, the least principled man in the race. His explanation was that “there are two different Donald Trumps. There’s the one you see on stage and there’s the one whose very cerebral…considers things very carefully.” You know, like a momma with a hood rat son arguing that he’s really a good boy overall, even though he sells drugs to 12 year-olds, fights the police, and beats up the women he pimps out.

So, what the hell is Carson thinking? What could be attracting him to Trump’s campaign?

Trump Unites People… Against Other People.

Ben Carson is supported by many due to his message of unity. He’s stated, “I hope we, the American people, can come to the understanding that we are not each other’s enemies.” He’s also regularly referenced scripture, “a house divided cannot stand,” in an attempt to convince people he will be a President that pulls everyone together.

So, one may assume that Carson would be looking for a candidate that could unite us, instead of divide us. Is Trump that guy?

If we were to base our judgement of whether Trump is a good unifier on the rhetoric he uses on the campaign trail, then we might have a problem. After all, he’s done everything from blatantly encouraging violence and saying he wants to beat up protesters, to calling people pussies and bimbos. Although, maybe he’s using those terms in an enduring way. Like the lovable Kanye’s description of Taylor Swift as “that bitch,” or the culturally inappropriate use of the n-word by a scrawny, upper-middle class white boy.

This rhetoric, which teaches his followers to act violent or slander their political opponents, was displayed at a campaign rally about a month back. Trump was informed that there might be protesters in the crowd with tomatoes. So, naturally, he thought the proper response was to ask his supporters to “knock the hell” out of someone if they had tomatoes. He then encouraged the violent behavior further by stating that he would “pay for the legal fees.”

Now, who knows? Maybe the concern was that an early 2000’s Roger Clemens was the perpetrator. But if not, I have to guess he wasn’t all that worried about the whiney Black Lives Matter SJW’s or the 5’3″ hijab wearing Islamic women that normally protest his events.

And to no one’s surprise, a Trump supporter was recently caught on video at a campaign event, and later arrested, for cold-cocking a seemingly peaceful protester as he was being escorted out by police. Since Trump could not have physically prevented this assault from occurring, we won’t place the blame on him. But, how did he respond to the incident upon being asked on CNN? “I’ve instructed my people to look into” whether we should pay his legal fees.

Trump’s No Dirty Politician… Just a Corrupt Businessman.

One of Carson’s biggest criticisms of the other candidates was that they were dirty, trickster politicians, and he always tried to run a campaign above all the deceitful tactics of the normal political atmosphere. We saw this frustration with political games come full circle, when Carson began rebuking Cruz for what he (and interestingly, Trump) saw as a dirty trick.

Just minutes before the start of the Iowa caucus, Cruz’s campaign saw the report that Carson was planning to go back to Florida to get a clean pair of undies. So this, combined with the subsequent reporting from CNN that, “if you want to become the President of the United States, you don’t go home to Florida” and that Carson was “not gonna to go to South Carolina, not gonna to go to New Hampshire,” led some in the Cruz campaign to try and convince Carson voters to get on board with them instead. Because, you know, logic and facts and reasoning.

Despite a public apology by Cruz, Carson continues to hold a grudge to this day.

So, will Carson have to worry about this sort of tactic from Trump, the candidate whose admitted to bribing politicians his entire life?

Well, while Carson was still throwing a hissy-fit over the Cruz incident, Trump just so happened to do almost the exact same thing in Nevada. Except there were no facts or logic or reasoning involved. Rather, Trump just blatantly lied, saying “they’re all gone, they made their little speech this morning and they ran away,” trying to convince the voters that the other candidates weren’t even making an effort anymore and would drop out soon. Of course, Cruz was there, right at that very moment, talking to and shaking the hands of voters, and Rubio was still in Nevada campaigning as well.

Then there’s Trump’s non-stop propagating of the falsehood that both Cruz and Rubio are not eligible to run for President. Trump insisting that Rubio was not eligible is obviously moronic, and there’s no explanation needed. Concerning Cruz, Trump had already said in the past, “I hear [Cruz’s eligibility] was checked out by every attorney and every which way, and I understand Ted is in fine shape.” Therefore, it’s abundantly clear that he’s promoting these falsehoods solely for the purpose of scaring people into voting for himself. Kind of like what Cruz did to Carson, except again, there was no facts or logic or reasoning involved.

These seem to be the exact kind of dirty tricks that Carson would despise. But I guess it’s easier to forgive someone offering you a position in his cabinet (or an “advisory role”), than the more principled and honest candidates offering you nothing.

Honesty Still Matters… Trump Might Disagree Though.

In Carson’s book, “Think Big: Unleashing Your Potential for Excellence,” he dedicated an entire chapter to explain the importance of honesty, in which he quoted several examples of dishonest politicians. More recently, he even wrote an op-ed for The Washington Times about why “Truth and Honesty Still Matter in Politics.” So, it’s fair to say that Carson would be looking for a leader who is rooted in truth and consistently honest.

Even for adamant supporters of Donald Trump, what I’m about to say will probably not be all that shocking. Donald Trump lies a lot. In fact, he’s probably lied more in 7 months than Barrack Obama has in 7 years.

One great example, and my personal favorite, is Trump’s press conference dedicated to debunking a speech Romney gave. In Romney’s speech he said, “…isn’t [Trump] a great business success? No, he isn’t…. What ever happened to Trump Airlines, how about Trump University, and then there’s Trump Magazine, and Trump Vodka, and Trump Steak, and Trump mortgage? A business genius, he is not.”

Trump’s response? Tout a bunch of businesses and products as his own to prove that all the ones Romney mentioned didn’t actually fail.

Trump Steaks, that Donald presented as his own, was actually a Bush Brothers steak, one that he serves at his restaurant, not one from the business Trump Steaks that closed down about 8 years ago. The Trump Magazine was actually just a brochure that he puts out in his hotel, not the failed company that Romney rightly pointed out. The wine is from his son’s company (it was passed off to Eric from his father, to be fair), not the company called Trump Vodka, which no longer exist. Finally, my favorite, the Trump Water he showed off was not from his water company, because he doesn’t have a water company. In fact, Romney never even mentioned a water company in his speech.

Keep in mind, all of those falsehoods were presented in one day, about one speech. If we look at the last year we will see that he has lied about: being self-funded, not “know[ing] anything about David Duke,” Trump University’s BBB rating, him beating Hillary in general election polling, George W. Bush lying about intelligence on WMD’s in Iraq, and on, and on they go.

Although he may be honest with Carson behind closed doors, he’s not honest with the American people.

Political Correctness Brings Destruction… Let’s Implement Political Douchebagery.

Dr. Carson exploded onto the political scene in 2012 because of a scathing speech directed at the liberal policies of the Obama administration, while Obama himself was just feet away.

Carson said in his speech that in these politically correct times we need to “forget about unanimity of speech and unanimity of thought, and we need to concentrate on being respectful to those people with whom we disagree.” He continued, “PC is dangerous…it muffles people…puts a muzzle on them…keeps people from discussing important issues while the fabric of this society is being changed. And we cannot fall for that trick. And what we need to do is start talking about things…that are important.”

Furthermore, Carson has blasted candidates at the democratic debate for not recognizing that “all lives matter,” something that he said was “so typical of political correctness in our country.” He fought against the fake outrage that came after he truthfully answered a loaded question about whether or not we should put a Muslim in the Whitehouse. And, Dr. Carson stood firm – with the Constitution, Bill of Rights, an,d most importantly, the Word of God – on the issues of abortion and gay marriage, no matter the severity of backlash.

So, have we finally found the reason for Carson endorsing Donald Trump? After all, who is more politically incorrect than The Donald?

It’s no secret that Donald tends to say stuff that really pisses off and offends people. He is constantly yelling vulgarities at every opportunity, unjustifiably degrading others’ character because they disagree with him, endlessly bragging about his success in business and politics, and attacking his critics with irrelevant and pointless details about their lives in order to discredit them. However, this is not him being politically incorrect.

The entire point of political correctness is to silence opposing points of view, and more specifically, silence individuals who are trying to set the record straight with factual information which happens to be politically inconvenient to a false narrative being presented. So, lying about individuals, or attempting to discredit them by slandering their character, is not politically incorrect speech. It’s called being an ass. It more closely resembles tactics from “Rules for Radicals,” the leftists’ bible that’s dedicated to Satan himself, than being politically incorrect.

When Donald calls Mehgan Kelley a bimbo because she asked him some tough questions, he’s not being politically incorrect. He’s just trying to discredit her so that he doesn’t have to defend his false narratives. He’s using the same tactics of leftists when they call a conservative racist for asking why Black Lives Matter doesn’t seem to be concerned about mass murder of blacks by other blacks. When asked tough questions, or presented with a hard facts, Donald and his leftist friends insult the character of the one asking regardless of the truth.

You see, Trump isn’t really a politically incorrect, Carson-esk, anti-politician type of candidate. Rather, he’s more of a bloviating, Tommy from the Goodfellas, egotistical, belligerent ass type of candidate.

God is Important… But Winners Don’t Repent.

Carson told a Times reporter, during the process of deciding as to whether he would run for President, that he told God, “Lord you know I don’t want to do this, but if you open the doors I’ll do it.” This is just one of many times that Dr. Carson talked about his faith being the ultimate factor in his decision to run. And, it’s very evident that his faith is the reason for how he ran his campaign and the stances he’s taken along the way. With that in mind, it could easily be assumed that he would expect a candidate that he endorses to not only be a follower of Christ, but also espouse the same Christian values as himself.

So, is Trump a Christian? Does he understand the faith? Does he hold the same values that Carson would seemingly expect from a President?

Although Christians voting for him may argue that it’s not our place to judge, they need to read the entire passage and stop being so gullible. It’s clear throughout scripture, as well as an easily understood reality, that declarations are meaningless without understanding, belief, and action. None of which Donald has shown.

When asked if he had ever repented, Donald said “I’m not sure I have [asked for forgiveness]. If I do something wrong, I just try and make it right. I don’t bring God into that picture….When I drink my little wine and have my little cracker, I guess that’s a form of asking for forgiveness.” So yeah, Donald’s not a Christian. Because saying I’m a Christian, but repentance just isn’t my thing, is like saying I’m a socialist, but I’d rather not give what I’ve earned to the pimps and drug dealers down the street. It doesn’t work like that.

Another great piece of evidence concerning the reliability of his declaration of faith is the time Donald Trump went to church. You know, that thing Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio probably do almost every Sunday. Of course, unlike Donald, they don’t bring an entire media crew and make a mockery of it, like it’s just another campaign stop.

It seems Donald is less a man of God, and more a man of self.

Now, had the collection of individuals running been comparable to the old hag and the socialist currently running on the democratic ticket, we may be able to excuse Carson’s absurd endorsement, but a lack of talent was not the problem. There were plenty of excellent picks after it was obvious that Carson wasn’t going to win. When he finally dropped out, we still had two viable candidates that are men of great character, Rubio and Cruz. Neither of which Carson would have needed to excuse for such ridiculous behavior.

Of course, maybe Dr. Carson honestly believes that Trump is a wonderful candidate that will do wonderful things. Maybe he really doesn’t understand that just because you do good things sometimes doesn’t mean you’re generally a good person, just because you make rational decisions sometimes doesn’t mean you’re a rational person, and just because you act like a decent human being from time to time doesn’t mean you are a decent human being.

Although, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize that Donald is likely to be the biggest political embarrassment of the 21st century.