These Three Fascist, Anti-Free Speech Leftist Tactics Need to Stop Now

Last week in Charlotte, NC, we saw more of the same from the Black Lives Matter crowd. More riots, more stealing, more violent assaults, more destruction of property, and this time, even a fatality. But Black Lives Matter isn’t the only group that we see do this. They’re just one of many groups using a variety of fascist, anti-free speech leftist tactics to move an agenda forward.

It’s pretty obvious that the left sees protest, or free speech, in a little different light then everybody else. Unfortunately, they seem to have a fair amount of trouble differentiating between the two.

In lieu of this, here’s three points on how to be sure that you’re actually participating in free speech, and not being a fascist.

Participating in Violence and Destroying Property is Not Protesting, it’s Rioting

Want to fight injustices, perceived or real? Hold up a sign on the side of the road. Everyone will be happy, you’ll get your point across, and you’ll probably even get some honks for your cause. Hell, you could even organize an event. Cops will help you block off streets, the legal way, rather than the jackass way. And, again, everyone will be happy. You’ll even get lots of support, regardless of the idiocy of your arguments.

Want to enjoy the sweet smell of chemicals, instead? Run into the street yelling anti-cop profanities, start fires, and begin to beat the crap out of bystanders. Those cops you’re slandering will then gladly send your way several rounds of tear-gas to tingle your innermost nerve endings. It’ll be fun! And then you’ll start coughing up blood.

This one’s not that hard, guys. When you burn people’s property, invade businesses (especially with the intent of looting), beat the crap out of some white people that have nothing to do with the supposed injustices you’re whining about, and throw rocks at the police, you’re no longer a protester. You’re no longer exercising your freedom of speech. You’re being a violent fascist.

You see, when you participate in unjustified violent activity towards others, and steal or damage their property, you are then violating their rights. You are using mob rule to shut them up or have them suffer the consequences of opposing your beliefs. This is the exact opposite of what free-speech, and freedom in general, is meant to be. If you choose this route, you have now become the very oppressor of which you so vehemently claim to be opposed.

Blocking Highways and Impeding Traffic is Anti-Free Speech, Unlawful, and Intimidation

If I came to where you work, with a group of my most jazzed up friends, and barricaded your car, would you consider that protesting? Would you consider that peaceful? After all, I haven’t assaulted you. I’ve just removed the possibility of you being able to get where you need to be, by temporarily taking your only viable means transportation. I’ve just made it impossible for you to get home to your family.

Also, what if you were still inside you car? Would you feel comfortable exiting that vehicle? Do you believe my actions, of which are making it impossible for you get out and leave, without feeling threatened, are peaceful? Of course, not! They more resemble the act of a kidnapper or one falsely imprisoning you, than a peaceful protester.

So then, why would anyone find it peaceful to block traffic in the middle of a highway?

After all, blocking traffic in the middle of a highway is even worse than trapping someone in their car, or holding their car hostage, at work. At least at work, they have people they know nearby. They could leave their car at work without getting fined or having it disappear after the “protesters” leave.

Intentionally impeding someone’s ability to get from one place to another, via their most viable means of transportation, on a road meant for said transportation, is not a protest. It’s just another form of unlawful, fascist, bullying tactics.

Interrupting a Political Event at a Private Venue is Not Free Speech, it’s a Fascist Tactic

If someone went to your church with the intention of interrupting the sermon to express their dissent, would that be free speech? What if they showed up to your local movie theater and stood up in the middle of the movie to protest some actor? Of course, neither of these would be considered free speech. They would be considered trespassing.

You don’t get to go on someone else’s private property, or property they’ve rented out, and use it as you wish. Neither do you get to act as you wish, while on their property. You must follow their rules, and if you don’t want to, you’re a trespasser, not exercising free-speech.

There is no difference between these interruptions and those at, let’s say, a Donald Trump event. Those attending one of his events, didn’t go to the event to hear Joe-Schmo yell about his dislike of Trump. They went to hear the Donald, just as a movie goer is at the theater to see a movie, and a church member is at the church to hear the pastor’s sermon. And just like the theater and church, those renting the venue for a political candidate get to set the rules of the event.

Also, these interruptions are meant to take up the time and silence the voice of the speaker. This is a fascistic bullying tactic meant to stifle the speaker and attendees’ freedom of speech on political, cultural, and social issues. You disagreeing with them doesn’t make it any less fascistic.

Sure, protesting in a public square would be freedom of speech. No one is paying for that public square to be used for a specific event, at a specific time, with specific expectations. But a Donald Trump event is being paid for by a private party, and it would have specific rules and expectations in place that the attendees are expected to follow. One of those rules being not to shout down the speaker or interrupt the event.

So, if you don’t want to be a fascist, stop “protesting” in a manner that is so obviously anti-free speech.

Stop using violence and destroying property. Stop unlawfully blocking highways and roads. Stop interrupting speeches because you disagree with the speaker. Before you pull one of these annoying little social justice warrior moves, stop and think if you would still see it as free-speech or protesting if someone were using that same tactic against you.

This is not really that hard guys. Let’s stop acting like a bunch of irrational little children, and let’s start having constructive conversations.