Let’s Give President-Elect Donald Trump a Clean Slate

I’ve made it pretty clear that I can’t stand Donald Trump. His instincts, character, and policy proposals go against every conservative-libertarian principle I admire in constitutional conservatives like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Ben Carson, etc. Regardless, I can’t deny that it was absolutely wonderful to watch the Clinton Machine fail miserably.

Overall, Trump got less votes than Romney and less votes than Hillary. He didn’t win the popular vote in the same manner that Obama did in 2008. What he did do, though, was win all of the swing states plus Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. He beat Hillary Clinton in the most dominating Electoral College victory since Reagan.

And then we sang together…

“Ding Dong. The Witch Is Dead. Which Old Witch? The Wicked Witch! Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead!”

I’m still gleefully laughing out loud over the fact that Hillary is so despised, a guy who was caught on tape saying, “grab’em by the pussy,” successfully defeated her. And so, I’m going to use this positive energy to transition into the next stage of this crazy political shenanigans.

It’s time to give President-Elect Donald Trump a clean slate as he begins his first term.

No. This gleeful feeling hasn’t all of the sudden caused me to think The Donald is going to be more likely to implement conservative policies. I still find it unlikely that he will put up the fight needed to get conservative justices on the Supreme Court, or that he will not sign into law another huge stimulus like Obama. Although, with the Republicans controlling the House and Senate, the possibility of his Presidency having a positive impact on the country is more likely. (That’s me being optimistic. Cherish this moment, it may never happen again.)

Ultimately, he’s going to be President. The election is over, I’ve said my peace, and there’s no reason to continue to slam him.

In fact, I hope and pray I am wrong about him. I hope the evidence I used to fight against him is proven to be completely unreliable. I hope this wild card turns out to be a conservative stalwart and wonderful champion of Republican causes. I genuinely mean that, and I will be overjoyed if he turns out to be a Reagan-esk President.

After January 20th we need to only judge the man based on what he does as POTUS.

We must give Trump a chance to show us that he’s a conservative. It’s time to give him chance to show that he will stand up for conservative values, principles, and policies in his role as POTUS. While we shouldn’t ignore his failures, we also must not allow the past to ruin our ability to give him a fair shot.

The only thing we had to go on before were his words and actions outside of public office. We made our best assessment based off of that information. Now we must allow him to begin forming his own legacy through his actions inside the system.

Right now, we conservatives need The Donald as much as he needs us. It’s time to get behind our President and encourage him and the GOP to not back down. It’s time to give him a chance to do what he has promised to do. Well, at least the good things he’s promised to do.

President-elect Donald J Trump. Who the hell ever imagined we’d be hearing that in the early hours of November 9th? But we did, and although this could be bad…it might, just maybe, be wonderful.