Hillary’s Health Issues Mean A Third Term for Bill Clinton

Most of the allegations surrounding Hillary’s health issues seemed (past tense) to lack sufficient evidence. A few days ago, you would’ve had a difficult time convincing me that her coughing fits were due to a severe illness and her strange head movements were seizures.

Although, part of the reason I was skeptical of such allegations is that these symptoms are also signs of one who’s possessed by a demon. And, well, we’re talking about Hilary Clinton, so…

Joking aside, it’s getting easier to argue that we should be concerned about Hillary’s health. After the video showing her collapse at a 9/11 ceremony, her campaign admitted that she has pneumonia. This type of infection can easily put someone with youth on their side in the hospital. With someone Hillary Clinton’s age, it could easily take a bad turn, and end in death.

Considering all this, I think it’s a good time to a present question I’ve never heard anyone ask: should a wife of a former President be allowed to run for the office, at all?

Hillary’s Health Issues Mean, Bill Is Likely to Fill-In

If your confused about what the above question has to do with Hillary’s illness, I’d like to point you to a woman by the name of Edith, the wife Woodrow Wilson. You see, Wilson was sick during a good portion of his Presidency, after having a stroke. During that time Edith Wilson sort of took over the office of the President. It’s reported that she only sent issues of the utmost importance to the bedside of the President, while delegating other tasks herself.

So basically, Edith rode Woodrow Wilson’s coattails to be the real first woman President, just as Hillary has done via Bill Clinton.

Although this is not technically constitutional protocol, I believe it’s reasonable to assume that if this has happened in the past, it will happen again. If Hillary is in fact suffering from pneumonia (or some other health issues that they are trying to cover up), and is not able to perform the duties of the office of President, Bill Clinton could be a Presidential fill-in for her. He could theoretically take over her duties, and effectively be serving a third term.

Whether you realize it or not, when you elect a President, you are electing their spouse, too. When you cast a ballot, you’re not simply saying that you think that Presidential candidate will lead the country better than the rest of the candidates. You’re saying that their spouse, in the event of illness, is someone you trust to make decisions concerning the well being of the country, as well.

Regardless What Hillary’s Health Issues Mean, They’re Still Both Serving a Third Term

Married couples make many decisions together, especially concerning work. For instance, my wife and I talk about work together on a daily basis. Many times these discussions are actually about how each of us will handle a situation at work. When we have to decide our next career move, or how to deal with a specific conflict, we do not make these decisions on our own. Sure, the one going through the ordeal is going to have more of a say. But every major decision that could have consequences for either one of our work lives, or personal lives, is made as a couple.

We have no reason to believe a marriage between two Presidential candidates would differ, in any significant manner, to the above. I’m sure Hillary had an influence, far beyond that of any other individual, in the on-the-job decisions that Bill made as President. And I’m positive the same will be true when the roles are reversed.

Now, is there a difference between on the job decisions and thinking out these things at home? Yes, but the Presidency is not a normal job. Bill didn’t go to work everyday, accomplish certain tasks, and then head back home. He was on the job 24/7. Therefore, the decisions he presumably would have made at home with Hillary were on the job decisions.

With that in mind, is it not reasonable to believe that when you elected Bill Clinton as President, you were also electing his spouse? Or are we supposed to believe that Bill Clinton didn’t go home at night and discuss his concerns, worries, ideas, etc with Hillary? All fake marriage jokes aside, are we supposed to assume that they were unlike nearly every married couple on the planet, to the point that Bill’s decisions were completely void of influence from Hillary?

After FDR decided to break the tradition of only serving two terms, Congress passed an amendment to stop that from happening again. They didn’t want this country to end up with some sort of democratically supported dictator type in the White House lasting more than decade. One thing I don’t think even crossed their mind when passing this amendment is that the wife of a former President would decide to run for the office.

The self-evident truth that a President’s spouse plays a major role in his decision making, and the realization that Hillary’s health issues may not just be conspiracy theories, makes the first term of a Hillary presidency look more like Bill Clinton’s third term. The Clintons have basically created an FDR dictator crisis 2.0, that no one seems to have noticed.

In reality, “I’m With Her” really means “I’m With Him, Again.” It means three terms, and possibly four, of the same two Clintons.