Huffington Post’s “Pinksourcing With Kristen Bell” Video Accidentally Debunks Wage Gap


Feminists have been arguing for some time now that women are paid $0.77 on the dollar, compared to men, for doing the same job. Huffington Post’s “Pinksourcing With Kristen Bell” video attempted to continue this idiotic propagation. Instead, it accidentally debunks this wage gap myth; it inadvertently made the case against the existence of a sexist economic system.

They failed miserably in their attempt to mock those of us who’ve refuted their easily debunked stat. The two minute video  is definitely worth a watch.

Now, let’s break this down and look at six quotes from this video that show how oblivious these feminists really are.

“Why outsource all your production…women are a bargain in the work force.”

Exactly, Kristen Bell! Why the hell would any company ever hire men if they could hire women for $0.77 on the dollar? Do you really think that businesses wouldn’t be hiring women in mass, and firing all the men, if they could pay them less then men, but still get all the benefits? Of course, they would. And you idiots, even though you continue to tout this fallible figure, know this.

Need proof? See: child labor practices. Businesses pay the amount they have to pay in order to get the quality of employee they need.

“You don’t have to pay women overtime.”

Okay, this statement is completely false, but it brings up an important point. Women, in general, usually don’t want to work as much overtime as men do. Men, statistically, are likely to put in more hours at work. Men are more likely to be okay with staying at work into the wee hours of the night. This is part of the reason why you see an earnings gap between men and women, not a wage gap.

“They’re the only ones who bring baked goods into the office.”

Yes, women have different interests than men. This is another reason why, again, there is an earnings gap, but not a wage gap. Men’s interests usually lead them into fields like science or engineering. Women’s interests usually lead them into fields like, I don’t know, dance therapy? (Let the triggering commence.) This results in women taking jobs that are likely to pay less than men.

“If they do get knocked up, when they leave to have the baby, you get off scot-free.”

Whoa whoa whoa… Is Huffington Post saying that women have vaginas that babies come out of? Is HuffPo saying that our roles in life as men and women are different from one another? Once again, well done. You have finally bent to our will and succumbed to the evils of logical discernment. Women have babies, are more likely to want to take care of those babies, and will likely spend more time dealing with said babies during and after birth. Which means…wait for it…women are less likely to be committed to their jobs than men, and more committed to raising and birthing children.

Side note: I thought y’all were on board with the whole, “not all women have vaginas/periods/uteri because transgender women are women too” shenanigans. Hhmmm…I guess y’all are just a bunch of bigots, after all. Like those mean Conservatives that buy into that absurd notion of biological sex.

“Women would rather be home with the family.”

Oh look, the feminists are mocking women who make different choices than they do. How pro-choice of them. And actually, yes. This statement is 100% correct. Would all women rather stay at home with the family? No. But if we’re going to generalize, like Huffington Post did this entire video, it’s pretty clear that more women would like to stay at home with their family than men.

“They don’t complain about their working conditions.”

Right on the money, again. Women probably don’t complain about their working conditions, as much as men. Mostly because women, statistically, are far less likely to be working under really crappy conditions, like having jobs in construction or mining.  In fact, they’re also highly unlikely to do very dangerous blue collar jobs, like work on an oil rig, which tend to pay a little more.

Kristin Bell and the Huffington Post put this “women get paid less than men” video together, as a way to push another ridiculous narrative of victim-hood. Unfortunately for them, they fell flat on their face. All they did was give evidence to support stereotypes that they insist men continually propagate, like women either not being funny or being too bitchy.

If I were going to create a video to explain why the wage gap narrative makes absolutely no sense, I would use this as my template. And if the wage gap really did exist, I would not be sitting here, writing this article. Rather, I’d be setting up a go-fund-me page for a start-up performing the exact function of their fictional business, Pinksourcing.

So, thank you, Huffpo and Kristen! You’re making our job of fixing the shitty culture feminists like you have created a little bit easier. Your logically impaired brain is officially so far separated from reality that you’re almost doing the job for us.