Jesse Williams Speech: All Narrative, No Reality

A few weeks ago, at a BET awards show, Jesse Williams received the BET Humanitarian Award. Upon receiving the award he decided to use his acceptance speech to talk about the oppression of blacks in America. But, as with most leftist driven narratives, Jesse Williams’ speech was not representative of reality.

He said, “…we know that police somehow manage to disarm, de-escalate, and not kill white people every day. So what’s gonna happen is we are gonna have equal rights and justice in our country, or we will restructure their function and ours…. Yesterday would have been young Tamir Rice’s 14th birthday, so I don’t wanna hear about how far we’ve come when paid public servants can play drive-by on a 12 year old playing alone in a park in broad daylight, killing him on television, and then going home to make a sandwich.” He continued, “Tell Rakia Boyd how it is so much better to live in 2012, than is to live in 1612 or 1712. Tell that to Eric Garner; tell that to Sandra Bland; tell that to Darrien Hunt.”

Everything he said is basically a huge steaming pile out bull-crap. Here’s why all the narratives he presented are completely false, broken down one-by-one.

1. Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, and Darrien Hunt Were All Killed Because of Racist Police.

Jesse Williams insists that if you think racism isn’t anywhere near the level of the past, you need to look no further than Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, and Darrien Hunt. He believes these three were cases of racism comparable to the slavery and murder of blacks before the founding of this country.

Well, no. Because, again, the narrative that these people were murdered in cold blood because of the color of their skin is bull-crap and lacks evidence.

Sandra Bland killed herself. There’s not a whole lot to discuss concerning this case in particular because no officers killed her. They didn’t even “accidentally” kill her. She hung herself in a jail cell with a trash bag. In order to buy that there was foul play, you must intentionally ignore the mountain of evidence. Evidence that includes, but is not limited to: the fact that it appeared she had possibly attempted suicide before (or maybe just liked to harm herself); she was a drug user, with marijuana in her system at the time of her arrest; and the autopsy showed no signs of defensive trauma that would be consistent with foul play.

Eric Garner was not choked to death. He was overweight, asthmatic, and had cardiovascular issues. He actively resisted arrest after officers stood and spoke with him about his inevitable arrest in a calm manner. Garner then began to yell at them. Guess what? When you resist arrest, the cops still have to arrest you, and they must use force to place you under arrest. So, Eric Garner died of cardiac arrest, due to overexertion caused by him resisting arrest.  The main reason people seem to think he was choked to death is because he said, “I can’t breathe.” The problems with this assessment are numerous. If you’re being choked, or if your esophagus is blocked, you can’t speak. I’m a Jiu-Jitsu competitor. I’ve been choked 100’s of times, both esophageal and blood chokes. I’m still alive. I’ve watched 100’s of others get choked 1000’s of times, but I’ve never seen anyone die. Why? Because no one dies from being choked for under 15 seconds, unless their esophagus gets crushed, which Garner’s did not. Other than this, you only die from being choked for short periods of time because you have some underlying medical condition. By the way, he wasn’t being choked at all. That hold was a headlock used for control, not choking.

Darrien Hunt was an idiot, or a very disturbed individual. This, like all the previous instances above, was a horrible tragedy. But with that said, he was obviously a threat, especially if it went down like the officers said. First, he was asked to set his “samurai” sword on the hood of the police car while they talked to him about their concerns. Then, not only did he refuse, he pulled the sword out of its sheath (and, if the police account is accurate, swung it at the cops). This is why he initially got shot. If you don’t want to get shot by the cops, don’t refuse to disarm yourself of a deadly weapon when they are investigating a crime, and don’t unholster said weapon. It’s that simple. Upon further review of Darrien’s recent life, the cops also discovered that he was a regular user of DMT and marijuana, both mind altering drugs that can have lingering effects. It seems he also had a history of violent and threatening behavior. Finally, one of his friends told the the police about a Facebook post by Darrien, written not too long before the events that ended Darrien’s life, in which he said, “I have a sword, and I’m going to get shot.”

Not a single one of these three incidents is even a partially decent example of the supposed oppressive circumstances under which blacks live in the US. When considering all of the facts, and not attempting to shape the facts to fit a narrative, this is clear.

2. The Police Did A Drive-by on Tamir Rice, a Small Innocent Child.

The entire description that Jesse Williams gives concerning the Tamir Rice incident suggests it was a malicious attempt by cops to find and gun down a black child. Something they were so numb to, it wouldn’t even phase them. He implies, they got the joy of being “on television” and then went “home to make a sandwich,” as if nothing ever happened.

Let’s take a look at what really happened.

An individual called 911 to notify them that someone (12 year old Tamir Rice) was carrying around a pistol and pointing it at people in the park. They said they didn’t know if it was real or not. The dispatcher that informed the police of the situation involving Tamir Rice told police that there was “a male, sitting on a swing, pointing a gun at people.” She continued, he’s “wearing a camouflage hat and a grey sweater, with black sleeves. He’s pulling a gun out of his pants and pointing it at people.”

Soon after, police arrive on the scene. They quickly pull up very close to the pavilion that was in the park. I’m not sure if they knew the boy was on the pavilion or not, but even if they did, it doesn’t mean they wanted to kill him or were planning to shoot him. As soon as one of them began stepping out of the vehicle, Tamir approached and began to pull the weapon out of his pants. The officer fired on Tamir Rice, killing him.

Later, it was discovered that the gun was just an airsoft gun. This airsoft gun in particular was an all black replica of a Colt 1911 (a real pistol!), with the orange tip removed. In other words, there was no telling the difference between the airsoft gun and the real thing, without either seeing it close up or seeing/hearing it fire. Both of these were not feasible. Each scenario would have required the officers to be willing to put their life, and the lives around them, in imminent danger.

Here’s a picture of the airsoft gun that Tamir was pointing at people and a real Colt 1911.

Please, if you were able to spot the fake gun, with 100% certainty (a decision you would be willing to place your own life on), within 3 seconds, you might be on your way to convincing me. But most likely, you’re either a lucky liar or a gun enthusiast. Also, keep in mind the cops were roughly 10-20 feet away while making this possibly life threatening assessment.

One more kicker. The average height and weight for a 12 year old boy is 4 feet, 11 inches, and 92 pounds. Tamir Rice was 5 feet, 7 inches, and 195 pounds. Pointing out his age negates the fact that he may not have looked like a child. He could easily have been perceived to be in his late teens or even early twenties.

Do you see how that varies just a little from the bull-crap narrative put out by Jesse Williams? Do you see how that’s a little bit different than a callous “drive-by” on a little innocent boy, because of the color of his skin?

We may have different opinions in the handling of this situation by police. But accusing them of being racist and wanting to kill a little black boy is asinine, and lacks any evidence.

3. The Rakia Boyd Incident Shows That Today’s Bigotry is at the Same Level of Hate and Oppression Seen in 1600’s and 1700’s

First of all, credit where credit is do. The situation with Rakia Boyd was obviously a disgusting injustice. The man that killed her deserves to be in prison.

Even if his account, that he thought someone had a gun, was correct, this still doesn’t account for his wrong doing. When you shoot into a crowd of people, someone is most likely going to be struck. This alone is justification for the involuntary manslaughter charges. Also, considering no gun was found, murder would be more appropriate. He is, at the very least, a completely moronic jackass who doesn’t understand that he’s responsible for every bullet that exits the barrel of his pistol, and at worst a racist, drunken, murdering scumbag.

With that said, comparing this to the suffering, injustice, and lack of care for black lives during the 1600’s and 1700’s is beyond ignorant. It’s intentionally deceptive. It was a single injustice, not anything like the systematic enslaving of blacks that occurred back in the 1700’s. Pretending as if a few cases of injustice means that blacks are oppressed in the manner they were back then is insulting to those slaves who endured said injustice.

Jesse Williams makes millions on a television show adored by white housewives. The night he gave this speech, he was standing on a stage where he is protected by police, while giving his political assessment of what he perceives to be a massive problem of racist police in America. He did this without any reason to fear someone may take away his ability to do so. Jesse is freer than whites in Europe, the UK, Russia, China, Canada, etc. He’s freer than all of them, and no less free than me, as a white man in the US. Not to mention, Hollywood is known for blacklisting celebs that hold conservative points of view. If you’re not already famous, try suggesting that Black Lives Matter is a movement that hurts, rather than helps, black communities and see how much success you have in that industry. Hint: you won’t be as successful as a black man pushing false, leftist, race-baiting narratives, like Jesse Williams.

Jesse is so blinded by his ignorance of what oppression looks like, he doesn’t see that he’s the personification of the reality of equality in this country.

4. Police Kill Black People at Significantly High Rates, While Making Every Effort to “Disarm, De-Escalate, and Not Kill White People.”

If you go listen to the video on BET, you’ll hear Jesse say, “what we’ve been doing is looking at the data…” Well, he either hasn’t actually looked at the data or is just really bad at math. This idea that blacks get killed by cops and whites don’t is completely void of any facts or evidence or “data.”

If we look at the most recent data provided by The Guardian, we see that in 2015 approximately 27% of those killed by police officers were black. When considering the population of blacks in this country is around 12.5%, the rate at which blacks are killed by the police may seem high. After all, whites make up a total of 52% of deaths at the hands of police, while being 63.5% of the population. Whites rate of death at the hands of police is nearly equivalent to their population size (0.82 times), while blacks rate of death at the hands of police is about 2.1 times their population size. This equates to a rate of death at the hands of police of 7.13 per million for blacks, compared to a rate of 2.91 per million for whites. Meaning blacks in America are 2.45 times more likely to be killed by police than whites.

There’s one problem, though.

Blacks are represented at a rate of 52% of the total murders committed in the US, despite being only 12.5% of the population. That’s 4 times more than the percentage of the population they makeup, which more than compensates for the increased rate of which they are killed by police. Statistically, blacks as a whole are also far more likely than whites to be involved in violent crime. This means that blacks have more encounters with police relating to violent activity, increasing the likelihood of an interaction with a police officer under circumstances likely to lead to a violent confrontation.

Concerning solely whites, stats on homicide rates are hard to come by. Although, what we can find is that all races combined, excluding blacks, account for a total of about 45% of the homicides committed each year. This category includes Whites, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, and Pacific Islanders. The available data clearly shows that whites are likely killed by a police officer at a rate far, far exceeding (especially considering Hispanics commit crimes at higher rates than whites) the rate at which they are likely to be responsible for any given murder, or be involved in violent crime. Statistically speaking, the rate at which a black person is likely to be responsible for any given murder is at the very least, and likely much higher than, 4.5 times the rate at which a white person is likely to be responsible.

In short, blacks are not more likely than whites to be killed by the police, when considering reasonable factors concerning the relationship between law enforcement and violent criminals.

The ease at which I destroyed all of these narratives should be a sign to Jesse Williams, and all the other race-baitors that insist on dividing the public into groups and pitting them against one another. Unfortunately, I don’t think their end goal includes a want to know the truth. They don’t seem to care if they are right or wrong, only whether they’re heard and their demands are met.

We’re in for a hell of year.