Leftists Ignored ISIS. Republicans Aren’t Islamophobes.

At the end of 2011 US forces were pulled out of Iraq and President Obama said that we were leaving behind a “sovereign, stable, and self-reliant” Iraq. This turned out to be a lie, which became obvious very early on. Around this same time, we began to arm the Syrian Rebels, 15-25% of whom were affiliates of Al Queda (according to John Kerry), which caused greater instability in Syria. As time went on, ISIS began to taking control of regions in Iraq and chasing the Iraqi forces, Christians, and moderate Muslims from their homeland. They began taking control of parts of an unstable Syria and doing the same. This was only possible do to our involvement in trying to help the Syrian rebels overthrow Assad.

You see, this refugee crisis didn’t start when France got attacked and governors began declaring they did not want to take in tens of thousands of refugees. Nor did it start when the liberal media began bashing some of the more conservative Republicans as being Islamophobic for questioning our ability to reasonably vet Syrian Muslims.

The crisis began a long time ago, and Republicans aren’t Islamophobes.

This crisis began when those same Republicans that they now insult, such as Ted Cruz, were calling for both more action to stop the rise of ISIS and a halt to arming the Syrian rebels; when our leaders in Washington (who now label those against accepting refugees as Islamaphobes,”scared of widows and 3-year old orphans“) were acting as if nothing was wrong; when most liberal Christians were completely ignoring the current administration’s disregard of the threat of ISIS, the “jayvee team;” and when those claiming to know the way of compassion ignored the videos that showed ISIS committing all sorts of atrocities – sawing off the heads of journalists, burning people alive, drowning people in cages, decapitating children because they would not deny they loved Jesus.

Now, many that fall into the above categories feel inclined to enlighten us with their “what about Jesus, love and rainbows, and everything gooshy and fun” argument. They hold protest and sign petitions about why we must agree that our country should be flooded with people who have values opposite of ours, or else we’re racist, Islamaphobes. Ironically, they still continue to ignore the lack kabooms and pow pows from our military. They ignore the only option that will actually end the rising rates of murder & homelessness of brown-skinned Muslims in Syria & Iraq – military action.

This isn’t all that surprising, of course. Look at the once prospering cities that Democrats have run for the last 50 years. After completely demolishing all of the successes, leftist always come back to advocating for policies that caused the failures. They continually ignore the hell-holes they create, while claiming that Republicans are evil because of those mean logic arguments. If you disagree, whether it be on the policies that destroyed the economy of Detroit or a foreign policy that brought rampant violence and unchecked slaughter to the Iraq and Syria, they say you’re a racist. They proclaim that you lack compassion for those suffering under the direct result of leftist policies. But don’t worry, they will fix it with more leftist policies.

You see, Leftist aren’t calling for the allowance of mass importation of Syrian Muslims because they are born with a compassion gene, of which Republicans lack. It’s clear that their insulting insinuation that conservative are bigots that lack compassion is do to pacifism and open borders both being in line with their leftist ideology. If these people were concerned about being compassionate to the wonderful, moderate Muslims, they’d probably have been just as active in calling out the pacifist lunacy that was getting the moderates, and Christians, killed and run out of their homes in the first place.

It’s clear their compassion argument is a narrative, not a moral stance. I say we stop taking compassion advice from the ones who stay silent during death and destruction.