Obama Requires Schools Give Men Access to Little Girls Room

The idea that a male should have a right to enter the restroom of their choosing simply because they are currently in a state of delusion is ridiculous. Yet, the Obama Administration found it reasonable to begin requiring schools to follow a system that states we must trust everyone who proclaims to be of a gender of which they are obviously not. A system that insists no one needs to have, or be attempting to portray, any feminine characteristics, clothing, or mannerisms. All they must do is just walk into the women’s room, at which point, “It’s a girl!”

Sorry guys, but I’m not buying that the Transgender Honor System is the best approach for bathroom and locker room policy, especially concerning our children.

Forcing people with penises to use the bathroom specifically designated for those with penises is not an unjustifiable outrage. In order to be tolerant, we do not need to allow those with a penis and working testicles, Y chromosome, five o’clock shadow, clear abundance of testosterone, and makeup that looks as if it was applied by their five year old niece into facilities meant for those without any of those qualities. Facilities some hateful bigots might call the women’s room.

Despite this self-evident reality, many are confused as to why anyone would worry about full grown men being able to shower and pee next to little girls. We’re constantly being assured by leftists that implementing such policies and laws won’t go horribly wrong. We’ve been told that our bigoted assumptions of sick freaks taking advantage of the honor system are irrational and not backed by statistics.

Well, the absurd policy of letting full-grown men into the little girls room wasn’t allowed in 99.999% of facilities in the US, so I’m a little confused on how there’s supposed to be statistical evidence for such occurrences. Asking for statistical evidence, or scientific studies, proving that X is likely to cause Y, when X wasn’t a reality for the last several hundred years, shows a lack of ability to reason and logic. If someone were proposing we make it legal to steal cars, we wouldn’t ask for statistical evidence that more cars will be stolen if it’s legal to steal cars. The answer is obvious, but there’s just no stats to pull from because it’s never been legal. So, why would we ask for statistical evidence for honor system policies and laws that are just now being implemented for the first time?

If they insist we provide evidence, there’s actually quite a number of cases showing that people will take advantage of this honor system. In fact, not sure if anyone’s noticed, but 13 – 18 year old boys tend to be little perverts. Giving them free reign in the little girl’s room might be the most absurd idea to ever enter anyone’s brain. Why don’t you just start mandating field trips on the freeway while you’re at it?

Concerning any lack of evidence that perverts will fake being transgender in order to follow young ladies into the locker room or restroom could be that, well, some dumb-asses decided it’d be good idea to legally allow men in the women’s room. Which in turn creates two obvious problems: (1) a non-transgender male can go into the women’s room by claiming he’s a transgender, and there’s nothing we can do because he’s protected by a law that doesn’t define him according to his sex – this is especially problematic in locker rooms, where women are supposed to get completely naked in front of one another; (2) if the man does something in the women’s room that is still illegal, have fun proving a “he said, she said” scenario that occurred in a restroom with one he and one she.

For those of you still making an attempt at rational thought – an undeniably futile attempt, but an attempt nonetheless – you might be asking, “Why aren’t people concerned about little boys having to use the restroom with perverted men?” Well, number one, we are. It’s just that the worrying stops when they are able to fend off a full-grown man, which is never the case of chicks. Because, you know, weak arms and what not. Number two, your argument is idiotic. Just because rape by men against little boys happens doesn’t mean we should not be worried about making rape by men against little girls easier.

So, if you’ve ever said any of these, just stop. Please leave the critical thinking to adults, with adult level brains, capable of adult level reasoning.

Now, if you still believe that perverts are just too nice to manipulate your little system, understand that even I’m tempted to waltz into the women’s room just to prove a point. The only thing stopping me is that I find violating a woman’s privacy, in such a situation as this, morally disgusting. However, I don’t think violating a women’s privacy is much of a concern for a sexual predator, and I can think of plenty good scenarios in which I’d ignore this rule.

If we’re letting men into women’s restrooms and locker rooms, I reserve the right to claim non-op transgender status. So if an obviously testosterone filled tranny, or anyone I believe to be a full-grown man, confidently waltzes into the restroom or locker room behind my wife, sister, mother, or niece, it’s likely to trigger a realization of my identity being more closely related to that of a female.

Now, I assume that I wouldn’t feel like the dress wearing, sensitive, feminine, delicate, high-pitch speaking, long-haired female. I’d identify with the masculine, brute, bread winning, short haired version of a woman. The type of woman that loves drinking beer, shooting guns, hanging out with the guys, playing football, and wearing t-shirts and jeans. The type of transgender woman that keeps the goodies and is still attracted to females – you know, like Bruce.

Even as an individual who finds it abhorrent that an adult male would go into facilities designed for women, facilities that are designated by sex for the sole purpose of providing privacy from men, facilities for those that don’t have an appendage used to thrust inside of a woman, I would still go in under certain circumstances. I would lie about my perceived identity to enter the ladies room or a women’s locker room, so that I could be sure my loved one was safe from the man who walked in behind them. A man that is statistically more likely to be a pervert than truly transgender and not sexually attracted to women.

See, the honor system isn’t all that fun anymore, is it?

If your going to remove all fear of legal and criminal retribution, it is blatantly obvious that there will be perverts manipulating the system. Despite what some want to believe, these policies will create a less safe environment, in a place where women and little girls expect to have a certain level of privacy from the opposite sex.

I know some are just trying their hardest to be inclusive and loving, but they’re neglecting the reality that the 7 year old girl in the stall next to Big Ole Bertha isn’t there to be inclusive. She’s there to go wee-wee. For goodness sake, let her wee in peace.