Pro-Abortion Fallacies: Debunking Bodily Autonomy

Debunking Bodily Autonomy

Scientific evidence has ended any reasonable debate as for when life begins. This has led pro-abortion activists to resort to the argument of bodily autonomy. They say, abortion is justified because a mother has the right to control her own body and it’s functions, not the unborn offspring.

Despite what they believe, the supposed right to have absolute control over their body lacks logic and reason.

Mother and Child Have A Unique Relationship

Many times, abortion activists will compare an unwanted baby in a mother’s womb to a rapist. They insist that because the baby has not been given permission to use it’s mother’s body, it’s no different than a rapist using her body. They say, “using her body without consent, is using her body without consent. It doesn’t matter who, when, why, or how.”

The problem is that it does actually matter who, when, why, and how.

A rapist does not have a natural, self-evident right to take advantage of a woman’s body. Her body was not made specifically for the rapist. On the other hand, an offspring in it’s mother’s womb is in a uterus specifically made for said offspring. The child is right where it’s supposed to be. It violated no rights in being created there and violates no rights by staying there.

The relationship between a mother and her unborn child is very unique. It requires one to ignore this self-evident truth to argue that bodily autonomy is the reason a woman should be allowed to kill her offspring. Also, it requires one to completely ignore the consent given by a woman choosing to have sex. Even in the case of rape, the unique relationship between mother and offspring still exists.

Organ Donation is Not the Same as Child Bearing

I’ve heard many abortion activists say, if an individual can’t be forced to hand over one of their kidneys to a patient, then a mother should not be forced to hand over their body to a baby. There are number of things wrong with this logic, but I’ll just hit on one of them for now.

Denying an organ donation to a stranger is a far cry from actively starving, poisoning, and, or, dismembering a child in its mother’s womb. The issue is one of actively killing (murdering) and passively refusing to intervene.

If a man is walking down the street and sees someone who is most definitely going to be killed by a bus, but he does nothing, he would not be held liable for the man’s death. If the same man actively involves himself in the unjustified killing of another, we do hold him liable for those actions. This is a difference between a bystander and a murderer. In the case of organ donation, the one not donating an organ is passively allowing the death of another, not actively murdering them. To the contrary, during an abortion the mother and doctor are actively involved in the killing of another human being, not passively allowing the death of him/her.

Men Don’t Have Control Over Their Bodies

After pointing out the inconsistencies in the above organ donation argument, you’ll usually trigger them into a feelings fueled patriarchy argument. Their favorite seems to be, “why do you only care about men having control over their body, and not women?”

Anyone who’s ever heard of the concept of child support knows that men don’t have absolute control over the functions of their body.

Despite leftists believing that money is brought into a household via unicorns dragging a trailer full of gold from underneath a rainbow, this is not the case. In most circumstances, if a man decides to not bring money to care for his offspring, he is forced to…and rightfully so. In fact, I would suggest a man should be legally required to provide some sort of assistance to a pregnant mother carrying his offspring. If he was choosing to irresponsibly abandon them during that time, he should be forced to give them monetary, nutritional, or housing assistance.

Now, is there a difference in how and when a man is forced to use his body to provide versus how a woman is forced to use her body to provide? Yes. A woman uses her body as vessel for the growth of the little one, whereas the role of a man is more to use his body to provide for the woman and child, before and after birth. This is because men and women are different. Despite feminists wanting to pretend that everyone is the same, we are different and have different roles and responsibilities.

No One Can Do Whatever They Want with Their Body

Sorry ladies, you actually don’t have control over your body. In fact, no one has control over their body, concerning the balancing of rights within our system of government. If you don’t believe me, please walk to the nearest police station, lay down a line of coke on the counter, and ask if anyone wants a $20 blow-job.

You might say, “but drugs and prostitution are bad for society.” To which I would say, “thank you for making my point. Killing a child in the womb harms that child.”

Sometimes things that you would normally be allowed to do, because you have a general right to control over your body, aren’t allowed. The effects that an action has on others comes into play when deciding what laws we choose to create. You’re not allowed to prostitute yourself and snort coke because it’s harmful to a morally functioning society. In the same way, under most circumstances, you should not be allowed to get an abortion. Why? Because there’s another party involved that cannot consent to the action. The baby in the womb is not just harmed, but killed.

To sum this all up, the reality is that the patriarchy (otherwise known as life) can be a bitch sometimes. And it’s even more of a bitch when you make really poor life choices. Regardless, you don’t have absolute control over your body, so you shouldn’t get to kill an innocent human being.

Abortion in the name of bodily autonomy is not justifiable homicide, it’s first degree murder.

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  • October 13, 2016 at 5:29 AM

    Another ill-logical argument written by a man who never be pregnant and who has no respect for women or their lives .

    • October 13, 2016 at 9:40 PM

      Did you just assume my gender?! WTH!!!

    • May 24, 2017 at 10:03 PM

      Another hateful comment written by a pro-abort who has no respect for the lives of the unborn–half of whom are female, by the way. And you fail to explain why the argument is illogical–mainly because you know you can’t.

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