Pro-LGBTQ Media Smeared Former Lesbian in Christian Video

Anchored North, a Christian organization, recently put out a video of a former lesbian named Emily, in which she shared her story of turning from the homosexual lifestyle due to her newfound faith in Christ. To no surprise, activist in pro-LGBTQ media smeared the former lesbian.

Two of the most prominent media outlets to slander her were Huff Post and Teen Vogue. They both ignored her actual testimony, instead reporting and insinuating beliefs she never claimed to hold.

First, Huff Post and Teen Vogue insisted that Anchored North’s video was telling homosexuals they could “pray the gay away.” They misrepresented the video with headlines like, “Viral Video Claims People Can Stop Being Gay If They Pray Hard Enough” and “Video Falsely Claims Praying Will Turn LGBTQ People Straight.”

But at no point in the video was it suggested that homosexuals could “pray the gay away.” Not once did Emily say anything about her rejection of the lesbian lifestyle being caused by a prayer for God to remove her homosexual desires. Huff Post even linked to a Facebook post by Emily in which she confirmed she doesn’t believe in praying away the gay, but they conveniently left that part out.

Additionally, the media outlets falsely claimed the video supported radical methods for getting rid of ones gayness.

Despite Emily having said absolutely nothing about gay conversion therapy, Huff Post wrote, “the kind of ‘transformation’ that Anchored North is promising is often linked to a practice known as gay conversion therapy.” They then they went on to describe the evils of gay conversion therapy.

As for Teen Vogue, they were even more blunt and deceptive with their insinuations. They wrote,

“Emily credits her identifying as LGBTQ to her not having truly found God. This, she said, means anyone who is gay can become straight through religion.

“People say to me all the time, ‘I was born this way.’ I say, OK, yeah, me too,’” she said. “You’re not born with right affections. That’s why Jesus had to come. You feeling a desire for sin just proves you need grace like me.”

But conversion therapy has not only been proven to be ineffective, it’s also been shown to ultimately be harmful.”

If you watched the video, it’s undeniable that Emily’s above quote was only an argument against the “born this way” mentality. She was not making a reference to gay conversion therapy.

In summary, Emily’s testimony was that despite her homosexual desires, she turned from her lesbian lifestyle because of her newfound belief and a want to please her God. She was not saying that she prayed away her lesbian desires or that gay conversion therapy saved her from her sinful lifestyle.

The LGBTQ media, as usual, was just attempting to portray Christians, who believe the homosexual lifestyle to be sinful, as out of touch, backwards thinking, kooks. They used inaccurate context and cherry-picked quotes to make it appear as though Emily’s was saying something entirely different than what she so obviously meant.

The willingness of the pro-LGTBQ, Leftist media to deceive their readers is not all that surprising. Yet, it’s still worth correcting the narrative when someone is atrociously misrepresented.

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