Radical Islam Is the Cause of Terrorism, Not the Citizens of Brussels

Islam Is the Cause of Terrorism

A few days ago, after Islamic Jihadists detonated explosives in Brussels, slaughtering over 30 and injuring hundreds, we had the privilege to be enlightened on the subject by a man who has literally been wrong about everything to do with Islamic terrorism. In a comparison of the US to Brussels, Obama said, “part of the reason why we have not seen more attacks in the United States, is we have an extraordinarily successful, patriotic, integrated Muslim American community. They do not feel ghettoized, they do not feel isolated.”

So basically, it’s the citizens of Brussels who are at fault. If Brussels would just tighten up their Muslim integration game, these Islamists would have picked up their Quran, flipped to the “Who Not to Murder section” and saw, “Do not blow up the infidel if they seem really nice.”

This makes perfect sense because, as Obama has informed us on a daily basis, “ISIL is not Islamic.” Nor is Al-Queda, or Al-Shabab, or the Taliban, or any of the numerous other terrorist organizations that all just happen to claim Islam as their motivation. Only the peaceful Muslims are actually Muslims. And we’re supposed to believe that these peaceful, loving Muslims are likely to morph into non-peaceful, non-loving non-Muslims if they’re unintentionally excluded from a night of recreation at the local park.

President Obama isn’t alone when it comes to this ridiculous assessment. Many in the media also tout the idea that Islam, despite being a religion of peace, tends to have followers that have the combined cognitive function and temperament of a pubescent 11 year old boy and a steroid abusing bi-polar cage fighter. And via outlets such as CNN, they explain to us that the attack in Brussels could have been prevented had they just understood the plight of these Jihadists a little better. They believe that if Brussels’ citizens had built up a relationship with the Muslims, who think it’s good to slaughter random infidels or just happen to be complacent with it occurring because they feel that they are being out-cast, this could have been prevented. If everyone was just a little more trusting of those beholden to a religion rich with genocidal maniacs, this senseless act of radical Islamic terrorism would never have occurred.

Okay, sure. Let’s pretend that whole “following a religion that promotes the encouragement of the end of world” thing is just an irrelevant, mundane detail. Like the fact that they all seem to scream Allah Akbar directly before slaughtering everyone for purposes of disenfranchisement.

Ironically, these ideas come from the same media personalities that are outraged beyond belief if you suggest girls not go get wasted off their ass and hang out with random people they don’t know on Spring break. According to them, telling young women to avoid dramatically increasing their chances of being raped by some opportunistic douchebag is victim blaming. However, putting part of the blame on the citizens of Brussels isn’t victim-blaming, it’s actually a display of compassion. Because the eventual victims of Islamic terrorists unintentionally making the Islamists – who plan on killing them – feel like they are being looked at like Islamists who may kill them is a bigoted act.

This is a perfect example of leftists being both incredibly despicable and mentally incapable of rational thought. The hypocrisy, idiocy, and arrogance of all these bleeding hearts, who seemingly wish to portray themselves as compassionate towards a politically convenient group, regardless of reason and logic, is baffling.

It’s apparently never crossed their minds that maybe we have fewer coordinated terror attacks in the US because we have fewer Muslims here. Maybe the cause of terror attacks is the ideology of Islam, not the mean things people say or think about Islamic extremists. And, maybe creating an environment in which people are worried they will be labeled Islamophobic for expressing that there might be a problem with the Islamic religion will actually make it easier for terrorist to plot and kill us, not more difficult.

After all, just three days after the Brussels attacks, there was another bombing. This time targeting Christians, on Easter. It wasn’t in the US, or France, or Brussels, or Germany (learning your geography, yet?). In fact, it wasn’t in any of the hateful, bigoted westernized countries that allow Muslim immigrants, for which they supposedly hold animosity, to enter and stay. This time it was in Pakistan. You know Pakistan, the place that’s roughly 97% Muslim. In case your unaware, 97% is a high percentage. So high, I’m willing to bet that they didn’t blow up these Christians because they felt “ghettoized” or “isolated.” But hey, that’s just me, and logic.

Don’t worry though, I’m sure someone in the Obama administration is putting together another enlightening speech. Soon we’ll know why these Christians (oh wait, I’m sorry…I mean, “random” individuals) in Pakistan, a country more dense with followers of Muhammed than the US is with followers of Christ, instigated these attacks against them. Or was it their neighbors that instigated it? Or their politicians? Or is it what people in other countries, who’ve never met them or even heard of them, did to instigate the intentional targeting of Christians, on Easter?

Whatever the narrative they choose, we will be assured it has nothing to do with the terrorists’ full embrace of the Islamic religion.