Sen. Murphy, Gun-Free Zones Don’t Work…Sandy Hook is Proof

During a Congressional hearing, Betsy DeVos, Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Education, was asked by Senator Murphy if “guns have any place in and around schools.” Her answer was, “I think that’s best left to locales and states to decide.” This assessment is both logical and consistent with our constitution. Yet, it was dismissed by Sen. Murphy who then condescendingly ask, “you can’t say definitively today that guns shouldn’t be in schools?”

Keep in mind, Murphy is a US Senator for the state of Connecticut. This is the state in which a mentally disturbed coward stole his mother’s guns and killed random children at Sandy Hook Elementary. At school that day, 27 children were slaughtered, making it the worst massacre at a public school in US history.

It’s clear that Murphy’s service to Connecticut is the very reason he was grilling Mrs. Devos on this issue in such an abrasive and self-righteous tone. He even told the her, “I look forward to you coming to Connecticut and talking about the role of guns in schools.” This meeting is clearly being suggested so that he can use the school shooting as a prop for his agenda.

Senator Murphy’s argumentative questioning was not only completely irrational, but hilariously ironic. It was like something you’d see in an SNL skit…if the show wasn’t produced by far leftists. If writing a satirically comedic sketch, one could use Murphy’s exact questions, hyperbolic tone, and reference to Connecticut (aka Sandy Hook) to mock a Democrats near worship of completely ineffective gun-free zone policies.

In case you’re confused about the irony, let me explain further.

Sandy Hook Elementary is a gun-free zone. Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook mass murderer, was stopped by people (cops) whom brought guns with them. He didn’t choose to kill himself until cops with guns approached him inside the school. So clearly, guns do have a place in schools. Guns should be, at the very least, in the hands of those who stopped him. Also, guns belong in the hands of any responsible adult that could have prevented the death of those innocent children.

You see, the gun-free zone didn’t do a damn thing to stop a murderous psycho from slaughtering dozens of children. Adam Lanza didn’t care about their gun-free zone. He just walked into the school with guns and a plan to kill. This gun-free zone left teachers and administrators with only the option of cowering in the corner and calling the good guys with guns.

It would be difficult to argue that more children didn’t die in that school due to it being a gun-free zone. And it’s not out of the realm of possibilities that exactly zero children would have been killed if the school was not “gun-free.” It’s also not a coincidence that almost every site of a successful mass shooting occurs in a “gun-free zone.”

Gun-free zones don’t work, and they never will.

Stopping sound-minded, everyday concealed carriers from taking their firearms into schools, churches, movie theaters, malls, etc. has proven many times over to create easy targets for criminals and mentally disturbed individuals. They’re able to walk in and murder multiple innocent, defenseless civilians at will. And Adam Lanza is the shining example of this.

A little advice Sen. Murphy:

You should be avoiding the topic of Sandy Hook at all costs. Not ironically and condescendingly use this infamous failure of gun-free zone policies as an argument for the continuation of federally mandated gun-free zones.