Slandering John Mcenroe as Sexist Shows Extreme Ignorance of Athletics

In a recent interview with NPR, John McEnroe was asked why in the past he has referred to Serena Williams as the best female tennis player, rather than the best tennis player overall? His answer was, in part,

“if she played the men’s circuit she’d be like 700 in the world…. And on a given day, Serena could beat some [male] players…she’s so incredibly strong mentally that she could overcome some situations where players would choke…. But if she had to just play the [men’s] circuit…that would be an entirely different story….”

Upon hearing his statement, many feminist bloggers and TV personalities deemed his comments sexist. But you don’t need a sports science degree or have spent time participating as an elite athlete to recognize that Mcenroe is probably right.

The physical differences between men and women can be easily recognized in almost every sport, especially those that relate to tennis. Speed, for instance, is a very important factor in tennis. The faster you can get to the ball, the more likely you will be able to hit it back. Also, explosive power  is one of the most important factors because it takes explosive power to hit the ball hard and fast.

The difference in speed between men and women is quite obvious in the 100-meter dash. The fastest man alive, Usain Bolt, can run the 100-meter in 9.58 seconds, but the fastest woman can only run it in 10.49 seconds. Even the top 336 fastest men can run the 100-meter in 10.10 seconds or less. That leaves a spread of 0.39 seconds between them and the fastest woman. It’s pretty clear the fastest woman recorded could easily rank all the way down near 700th place overall.

As for explosive power, one the best sports to display the difference between men and women would be Olympic Weightlifting. The men’s Olympic Weightlifting 56 kg world record holder can lift more weight then the women’s 90 kg world record holder. The women’s +90 kg record holder is roughly the same size as the men’s 105 kg world record holder, yet he can lift about 80% more weight than her. And the women’s +90 kg record holder is almost twice the size of the men’s 56 kg record holder, yet she can’t even lift 12% more then he.

If you’re still not convinced of Mcenroe’s claim, then let’s take a look at some tennis stats. Let’s look at the speed at which men vs women serve the ball (explosive power), as well as the speed at which they move around the court (run speed/acceleration).

The fastest recorded serve during a game by a man is 163 mph, but the fastest recorded serve during a game by a woman is only 131 mph (Serena’s fastest is 129 mph). The women’s fastest serve speed doesn’t even break the men’s top 33, and if the top 33 are any indication of a trend, it wouldn’t break the top 50. Also, the gap would be even wider if the were using women’s tennis balls because men’s tennis balls are designed to fly slower.

As for running speed on the court, men also are much faster. The fastest male tennis player on the court has been recorded at 36.02 kmh, while the fastest woman has managed only to get up to 26.04 kmh. The top women’s speed wouldn’t even get her into the top 20 men’s.

What’s funny about this entire debate is that it was partially spurred on by the following two tweets, sent out by Serena Williams after hearing the John Mcenroe interview:

I’m not sure if Serena really meant these tweets to show that she took offense, but if she did she’s a hypocrite. She herself even admitted back in 2013 that she would lose in dramatic fashion if she played on the men’s circuit. Not to mention, Serena and her sister were defeated (5-0 & 6-2) back-to-back on the same day by a male pro tennis player. It was a guy ranked 203 in the world, and he was said to be dropping to around 350 soon after the exhibition.

Now, maybe people are just ignorant the fact that men are more athletic than women. Maybe these feminists bloggers and TV personalities genuinely don’t understand that men are faster, stronger, more agile, more explosive, etc.

But to be honest, I have a hard time believing that.

It’s so obvious and so clear, how could anyone with any ability to reason and logic find Mcenroe’s comments to be in any way sexist? I just don’t see how it’s possible. It seems this is just another attempt by radical feminist to coerce the general populace into bowing to their cultural Marxist ideology.

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