Socialized Medicine Doesn’t Work…Government Sucks at Everything

Milton Freidman famously said “If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in five years there’d be a shortage of sand.” In other words, putting government in charge of anything will lead to shortages, rationing, and long lines. Healthcare is no exception. Socialized medicine doesn’t work.

Have you even been to the DMV? Have you noticed the long lines and the non-responsive, impassionate employees that lack all ambition and innovation? Is this how you want healthcare to be run? If not, then government controlled healthcare should be a horrifying thought.

Of course, Sen. Sanders, Pres. Trump, and a number of other Presidential candidates think this government program would somehow be different.

Bernie Sanders advocates for socialized medicine, an idea that’s gaining popularity especially among millennials. President Trump’s not far off from that, either. He said health care in Canada works well and that we should take a page from their book.

So, is Canada’s socialized medicine system something to be envied? Would it work better than what we have here in America?

Canada’s Socialized Medicine Doesn’t Work

Canada’s single payer health care system that’s being praised by Trump and Bernie has gone broke. They’re now utilizing a cute little lottery system, which doctors use to determine what patients to add and drop. Yes, I’m serious. If you get your name drawn out of a big hat, you get to see a doctor. Doesn’t that sound great.

Additionally, Canadians now expect to wait 9.8 weeks for medically necessary treatment, after seeing a specialist. Ontario’s most populated province for example has only three hospitals that use stem-cell therapy to treat patients with aggressive cancers. This results in them not being able to keep up with the demand. Patients are sent to medical facilities in Buffalo, Cleveland and Detroit, Michigan for the potentially life-saving treatment.

Canada’s healthcare is driving so many away, the Fraser Institute – a Canadian public policy think tank – estimates that 52,513 Canadians received non-emergency medical treatment in the U.S. and other countries in 2014. That’s a 25 percent jump from the roughly 41,838 who sought medical care abroad the previous year.

The Move Towards Socialized Medicine is Currently Failing in the US

In a study of 15 major cities, Boston, MA had the longest wait time to see a doctor. It takes more than two months: 66 days to see a family physician and 45 days to see a general specialist. Yet, in Dallas, TX it’s 5 days to see a family physician and 10 days to see a specialist. Yes. It takes 13 times longer to see a doctor in Boston, than it does in Dallas.

Why is the waiting period for Boston so much longer? Well, Boston is in the socialist state of Massachusetts. They have Romney Care, a socialized medicine program that makes insurance available to everyone, and has overburdened the system.

Romney Care will eventually fail, and with the introduction of Obamacare the entire nation is on the path of Massachusetts.

In fact, the Association of American Medical Colleges says there will soon be an estimated shortage of 90,000 doctors nationwide. Let’s Go Back to Economics 101, when there is a major shortage in supply and an increase in demand, what happens to prices? Obviously, they go up, and contrary to popular belief nothings free. Somewhere down the line US citizens will pay if they continue to further these wildly inefficient socialized healthcare systems.

The Free-Market Will Help Restore the US Healthcare System

Currently, the US has 20-29 million uninsured, but that’s only about 8%. Meaning, 92% of Americans have insurance. That’s not a crisis. Not to mention, health insurance isn’t healthcare. Just because those 8% don’t have health insurance, doesn’t mean they don’t have access to healthcare.

Now, our system could use some work, but what we have here is the best health care system in the world, especially when it comes to things like cancer survival. Despite this we are trying to change into a Canadian style lottery system or some type of Medicaid for all (by the way, patients on Medicaid are twice as likely to die after surgery).

Socializing anything leads to the same results: shortages, rationing, and increased expenses. This is clear as we inch closer to socialized medicine with Obamacare. Annual premiums have reached $18,142 in 2016 for an average family.

To contrast that, consider free market elective surgery, like Lasik eye surgery and plastic surgery; they continually get cheaper and more efficient. Lasik eye surgery is a hugely important surgery, and its quick, efficient, and affordable. It usually only cost around $200. Why? Because it’s been handled solely by the free market.

Milton Freidman was right. Socialism isn’t the answer to any of our problems.

We now have two choices: a complete shortage that will leave countless people dying on endless waiting lists like we have seen in government run systems like the VA and in Massachusetts, or bring back the free market and let people decide what type of health care they want and what works best for them.

By the way, in the Socialist utopia of Venezuela the government hands out free toilet paper. Guess what? Venezuela has a shortage of toilet paper. They’v even resorted to imprisoning factory owners who failed to follow a law that says they must provide toilet paper to their employees, even though there’s no toilet paper to provide. Let’s not follow the lead of Venezuela.

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