Sojourners Magazine Banned Army Ads From Their Website

As I scrolled through my newsfeed on Facebook, I noticed an article posted by Sojourners Magazine titled, “To Our White Friends: Empathy is Not Enough.” I went straight to the comments section, thinking it would be just another entertaining thread filled with virtue signaling white liberals trying to relieve themselves of their white guilt. But this comment section was even more entertaining than I expected.

One of Sojourners’ followers commented about, and posted a screenshot of, the following Army advertisement:

She was appalled that this army ad had appeared on the Sojourners website, when she was reading the race relations article. “That moment when you’re reading a beautiful piece of writing on systemic racism and an ad for militarism pops in. Do better, y’all,” she commented.

Now you see what I’m talking about when I say, I went to the comments section to be entertained by white liberals virtue signaling to help relieve themselves of their white guilt. I wasn’t being the least bit hyperbolic. This lady even had on a “Black Lives > White Feelings” t-shirt in her profile picture.

This post wasn’t all that surprising, though. I’ve definitely seen worse from SJW commenters. It’s Sojourners’ official response that makes this story interesting. They promptly replied to her, in agreement that the Army ads were inappropriate, with the following:

So, essentially, Sojourners banned Army ads from their website because they’re too triggering for their leftist, pacifist, social justice warrior audience. Because the only thing needed to offend a radical leftist is a picture of a few military members in uniform, embedded with a link to a military recruitment page.

I wouldn’t have been surprised to have read a story like this on a satirical site, like The Onion or Babylon Bee, but, unfortunately, this story is not satire. It’s just another example of the far left having completely lost their minds.

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