The Top 10 Women’s March Signs…This Should be Fun

Last weekend’s Women’s March turned out to be exactly what we expected. It displayed the hilariously ironic and ignorant feminist movement for what it is, soley an appeal to the irrational emotions of far left radical ideologues. In case you missed it, here are the top 10 Women’s March signs:

1.  The Best Argument for Free Birth Control

Well, that is convincing. And it’s good to know you’re not planning on killing your unborn child. We’re making progress.

2.  Inanimate Objects Apparently Have Rights

Holding this sign in Washington, DC, a city in which you can’t have a gun…well, ya tried. By the way, a gun is an inanimate object. It has exactly zero rights.

3.  The Libertarian Chick

Yes. This is it. This is a sign we can all stand behind. If someone tries to sexual molest you, shoot them. It’s that simple. And please, no peeing on yourself…it’s just not lady-like.

4.  Hhmmm…Definitively Possible

5.  White Women Done F-ed Up

Yes. Good observation. And black women voted for Clinton.

6.  Women’s Match Efforts in a Nutshell

This sign perfectly embodied the Women’s March. Lots of time and effort spent on a project that accomplishes absolutely nothing, while displaying emotional instability. Good job attempting to curb the stereotype.

7.  Okay, This One’s Actually Funny

8.  Giant Ironic “Mean Girls” Uterus

She made a sign with a giant uterus to carry at a march that seems to center around such things. Who exactly is obsessed with lady parts, again?

9.  Child Props Are So Cute

Awe…she’s using her children as props for a political statement, for which they don’t have the ability nor want to intelligently defend. That’s so cute. And I’m sure encouraging them to curse and make vile accusations won’t backfire.

10.  Someone’s Got Clinton Amnesia

Um…Bill Clinton already lived in the White House. Don’t you remember those evil, sexist Republicans trying to kick that sexual assaulter out? Also, with the help of those at the Women’s March, he was almost in there again.

Bonus:  Warning, You Can’t Unsee This

Oh, dear God. Shit just got real for that little boy in the bottom left corner…scarred for life.