Triggered Feminist Eat Their Own at Rio Olympics

Feminist Eat Their Own at Rio Olympics

The Rio Olympics has proven to be just too much for the strong, fierce women, and their male sympathizers, currently dealing the mental disorder we know as feminism. A mental disorder that is now causing them to turn on the Leftists that created them.

Last week they took to their safe spaces – Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Washington Post, The Guardian, MIC, etc. – to express their displeasure with NBC’s commentators covering the events in Rio.

We had the male feminist perspective of Nicolas DiDomizio concerning what he described to be “an Olympics that has been tainted by commentators using sexist language to describe female athletes.” He is outraged that an announcer said Ledecky was the “female Michael Phelps,” a reference to the fact that she is on her way to win numerous gold medals. Nicolas believes it’s sexist to compliment a female athlete by comparing her to someone who arrived on the scene before her, is more decorated than her, and is faster than her. Not to mention, males are generally the sex with most athletic ability. Comparing Ledecky to any male athlete, not just Phelps, would be not only reasonable, but a tremendous compliment.

Then, there’s the marvelous assessment of Lindy West over a Chicago Tribune headline that did “not even bothering to mention” Corey Cogdell-Unrein’s name. The Chicago Tribune used the title, “Wife of a Bears’ lineman wins a bronze medal today in Rio Olympics.” Now, any reasonable individual would assume this title was used because the Bears play for Chicago and, well, nobody knows who the hell Corey Cogdell is. But, you can’t asked a feminist to use reason because that would be sexist…you misogynist bastard!

Next was Gabrielle Moss, who couldn’t understand why “an announcer quickly credited [Katinka Hosszu’s] husband/coach” with helping in the success of the gold medalist. Oh, the triggering. Gabrielle, honey, darling, let me do a little man-splaining for you. In sports, we have these things called coaches. These coaches are responsible, in part, for being sure their athletes are prepared to complete at a level necessary to win the events in which they are competing. If they win, we say, “well done coach;” if they lose we say, “maybe they should get a new coach.” Got it? Great.

Finally, there’s this Huffington Post writer. She laid a list of the “top ten most sexists things” that happened at the 2016 Olympics. Yes, she managed to find an additional seven to add to the above. Her full list contained the following:

  1. After Simon Biles stuck her landing off of the uneven bars, Jim Watson says, “I think she might even go higher than some of the men.”
  2. Chicago Tribune labeled two-time bronze medal-winning Olympian Corey Cogdell as “Wife of a Bears’ lineman.”
  3. Everyone is making a big deal about U.S. Olympic gold medalist Dana Vollmer having a baby more than a year ago.”
  4. NBC commentator Rowdy Gaines said, ‘Some people say [Katie Ledecky] swims like a man.'”
  5. NBC announcer Dan Hicks immediately focused the attention on (and gave all the credit to) Hosszu’s coach and husband Shane Tusup.”
  6. NBC announcers referred to the ‘men’s cycling team,’ and the ‘girls’ cycling team.'”
  7. “They might as well be standing around at the mall,” Jim Watson said, about the female gymnastics team talking to each other.
  8. Miller said, “The people who watch the Olympics are not particularly sports fans. More women watch the games than men, and for the women, they’re less interested in the result and more interested in the journey.”
  9. After Sweden’s Sarah Sjostrom broke her own world record in the 100-meter butterfly, she was continually asked by NBC anchors if she was going to “do the samba on Copacabana Beach.”
  10. Rio promises the ‘sexiest ever’ Olympic opening ceremony, with a source saying there will be “lots of nearly naked women doing the samba.”

It’s beyond idiotic to pretend it is sexist to recognize the obvious reality that men fly off the bar higher than women. Saying women should be insulted by people praising a female athlete for having a baby, and then just over a year later being able to compete at a level sufficient to earn her a gold medal in the most elite competition in the world, is completely asinine. And getting offended by the television host saying “girls’ team” instead of “women’s team” is quite pathetic.

None of these ten examples are in any way sexist. One or two might be dumb things to say, but not sexist.

What’s really amazing about this list in particular, she actually recognized these as the “TOP ten.” I’d love to see her bottom ten, or even just numbers 11-15. I would attempt to take a comedic guess as to what a longer list of supposedly sexist infractions would look like to these imbeciles. But honestly, I can’t think of anything funnier than their actual accusations of sexism.

Just several months ago, the above reasons for these feminist being triggered would have only been seen in a wildly exaggerated comedy sketch, viciously mocking feminism. Now, this insanity is mainstream.

Congratulations, Leftists!

You bred this crap. You’ve been encouraging these little monsters. Now you’re getting a taste of the hell that white male, conservative Christian college students have dealt with on their campuses for years.