Trump Should be Welcomed by The Left, Not Despised

The fangs of the rioting, supposedly tolerant and accepting left are raging as much as ever in response to the first few days of the Trump administration. House Democrats protested and snubbed his inauguration…but why? Is it just because they lost? Isn’t there much they can agree with the 45th president on? Does the evidence not show Trump should be welcomed by the left?

Donald Trump is on record saying the three most important functions of government are defense, healthcare and education. The last two are never mentioned in the constitution and are truly progressive ideas, so he should be loved by the left. He didn’t say something crazy like, the three most important functions of government are to protect life, liberty and property.

Democrats didn’t get a constitutional conservative like Ted Cruz, liberty minded republican like Rand Paul, neo-con like Marco Rubio, and they certainly didn’t get a radical Christian Libertarian like yours truly. They got themselves a progressive. Isn’t that a win for the left?

Don’t give me the war on women argument. Let’s be honest, the nasty things Trump said are no match against the horrid things Bill Clinton did to women. Yet, the left still loves the Clinton’s.

Don’t give me the anti-Muslim thing, either. Progressives love Obama, and Obama loves bombing Muslim countries. In fact, Obama not only temporarily banned immigration from Iraq, but the countries from which Trump banned immigration came from a list put together and signed by Obama. The former President’s reasoning was exactly the same as Trump’s, they were dangerous countries that posed a high security risk.

The Donald loves bypassing congress and signing unconstitutional executive orders especially on immigration a la President Obama. Bill Clinton and tag team partner Janet Reno sent men with guns in to the house of a child refugee, Elian Gonzalez, and kicked him out of America, sending him to a communist hell hole, and Democrats cheered.

So, why the outrage over Trump’s policies? When we dig deeper, do we not find the same progressive pattern?

Socially, Trump is a liberal. He is the most LGBT friendly president we’ve ever had. He’s proudly and publicly stated that the trans community can use the bathroom of their preference in Trump Towers, and is the first President to have waved the gay pride flag. If it’s the possibility of anti-LGBT policies they’re concerned about, they should be comforted by him enforcing Obama’s LGBT anti-discrimination bill.

On healthcare, trade, taxes, and a numerous other things, Trump is some combination of the progressive heroes Barack Obama and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

FDR put tariffs on anything and everything, almost single-handedly destroying the auto industry. That’s just like Trump! He too supports a 20% Tariff on Mexican goods. And he apparently wants to protect the American consumer from low prices, just like FDR did for a decade. That’s really bad news for Americans who want to buy things like tomatoes, beer, and cars. It will extend the rescission just like FDR extended and prolonged the depression. It’s bad for the country, but perfectly inline with progressive ideology.

Trump may be even more progressive than FDR on trade. He once stated, “[Bernie] and I are similar in trade.” This is true. In fact, he’s probably to the left of Senator Sanders on Trade; he’s abolishing the TPP and opposes free trade at almost every possible turn.

The progressive left also has been up in arms over Trump throwing around the idea of monitoring Muslims. Not only did FDR monitor certain groups he deemed dangerous, he actually  rounded up Japanese-Americans and threw them into internment camps and progressives still love him. FDR was just Trump on dictatorial steroids.

Additionally, the newly minted 45th President is to the left of Obama’s policies on health care. Trump  has supported a nationalized, single-payer system and said if he became President, “everyone is going to be taken care of…the government’s going to pay for it.” In the past, he has said America needs to “reexamine the single-payer plan, as many individual states are doing,” and “improve on the prototype” of the Canadian single-payer system. Now that he’s President, he claims he will replace Obamacare with “something that the people are really going to love…something terrific.

President Trump supports a progressive tax bracket so extreme that in 2000 he proposed a solution of “a one-time 14.25 percent tax on individuals and trusts with a net worth over $10 million.” I don’t think the free market despising Bernie Sanders would even support this publicly. He also made a promise to make child care completely tax deductible, is all for socializing many things, and wants subsidized cradle to grave education. Not to mention, he’s proposed 6 weeks of unemployment for new moms. This guy’s a flaming liberal!

Also, he wants a huge infrastructure program. According to his own website, traffic delays cost the economy $50 billion in lost revenue per year. His plan to fix this is a 10 year proposal that would cost $550 billion over that 10 year span. That’s $500 billion in savings, at a cost of $550 billion! Now that’s liberal math. They should love that.

President Trump is not a constitutionalist, not liberty minded, not an advocate of private property rights, nor pro-free market and individual rights. He’s a major progressive, a “big league” progressive (as he would say), who has accepted a few social conservative positions.

There is much agreement between Trumps policies and the ideals of the left, specifically the stuff I can’t stand the most. Despite this common ground he is opposed and violently protested by the left and the Democratic party as a whole and is called a Nazi, racist, homophobic, sexist, bigot.

This begs the obvious question: if he had a D instead of an R next to his name, would he be beloved by the same violent crowd now protesting him?

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