UC Berkeley Riot was a Domestic Terrorist Attack

The UC Berkeley riot was a domestic terrorist attack. That’s right, the “anti-fascist” mob wasn’t made up of spontaneous protesters that just happened to get out of hand. These rioters were part of what seems to be a domestic terrorist organization.

The organization By Any Means Neccessary (BAMN) and their National Organizer, Yvette Felarca, showed up at this protest with the sole intention of committing violence against conservative students, the University as a whole, and the supposed Nazi Milo Yiannopoulos. Yes, the Milo who is from the UK, has Jewish heritage, dates black dudes, and is gayer than…well, anything gay, ever. The same Milo that ended one of his more recent events by stating:

“Don’t fight identity politics with identity politics. White pride, white nationalism, white supremacy isn’t the way to go. The way to go is to remind them, and yourselves, you should be aspiring to values and ideas. You should be focusing on what unites people, not what drives them apart. And you shouldn’t give a shit about skin color…sexuality…gender, and you should be deeply suspicious of the people who do.”

So, who is Yvette Felarca? And what is BAMN?

Yvette is a radical leftist activist who clumps pretty much all Trump supporters in with KKK and Neo-Nazis. She proudly advocates for using violence to stop free-speech, and regularly participates in and incites violent mobs against her political opposition.

Felarca is also a teacher at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School in Berkeley. A situation that is incredibly ironic considering the school was named after the most famous man to ever have advocated for peaceful protest.

As for BAMN, they can best be described as Yvette’s enabler. This organization gives her a platform to claim an anti-fascist agenda, while carrying out her ironically fascistic acts. BAMN’s full name is “Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Immigration and Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary.” Otherwise known as, “We Love Everyone But White People and We’ll Use Violence to Prove It.”

You don’t have to look too deep before you find out that “By Any Means Necessary” is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a direct and unashamed call to violence. In fact, Yvette describes BAMN’s counter-protesting tactics as “militant integrated direct action.”

Before the Milo event at UC Berkeley, Yvette and BAMN promoted this “protest” via open letter invitation on their website. They accused Milo and College Republicans of having “incited a rash of hate crimes and physical confrontations at numerous universities.” They also insisted that “Chancellor Dirks and his administration will be directly responsible for aiding and allowing this neo-fascist to come and endanger students at UCB.”

As someone who’s read numerous anti-Milo articles and listened to many of his speeches, this is false. I have never once heard or seen a quote of Milo, nor official College Republicans, calling for violence against any innocent civilians. In fact, the violence at Milo Yiannopoulos’ events have been completely one sided. Violent acts have been consistently carried out by leftist protesters, but rarely by conservatives attending the event.

The truth is, BAMN needs an environment rich with irrational fear. They need fear so they can convince people that committing acts of violence against innocent civilians is justified. Lying about Milo’s speeches was the best means to accomplish that end.

In the open letter promoting the “protest,” BAMN also told their followers to “wear a white t-shirt and blue jeans to show solidarity and ensure safety for protesters on our side.” In other words, they were told to wear matching uniforms (like a gang or the military), so when they started terrorizing Milo, his supporters, and the University at large they wouldn’t accidentally beat the crap out their own teammates.

All of the above clearly show that this group’s intent on the night of the riot was to commit an act of terror. Yet, there’s even more decisive evidence. Felarca made their intentions beyond deniable on camera a couple days after the event.

On KTVU, a local news channel, Felarca openly and proudly boasted of the attack being “successful.” She exclaimed, the left has been “far too timid, for way too long.” Then, she encouraged and insisted upon “more militant protests.”

Clarifying even further, Felarca exclaimed “our success [at UC Berkeley] on Wednesday…should be the model for how the movement needs to take things now in the future.” She continued by invoking the name of BAMN, saying that the riot was “people fighting…in a united effort, By Any Means Necessary,” and said that the attack was “not spontaneous.”

There is no question that Felarca and BAMN intentionally orchestrated a militant attack against her political opposition at UC Berkeley. They clearly intended these attacks to strike fear in the hearts of their political opposition. And they did so with the hope of furthering their political agenda.

The evidence is unequivocal. This militant, violent, fascistic attack is domestic terrorism defined.

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  • February 16, 2017 at 10:12 AM

    Freedom of speech but not insinuating violence. Watch out Yvette Felarca she is leading blind followers to be a militant.


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