UH SGA VP Suspended for Saying #AllLivesMatter in Facebook Post

On July 7, five police officers were killed at a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, TX. Following the incident, Rohini Sethi, the VP of the University of Houston SGA, posted on her personal Facebook, “Forget #BlackLivesMatter; more like #AllLivesMatter.”

This simple tweet, expressing a political view that probably half of the country agrees with, has now led to her being suspended as VP for 50 days. Also, before she can return to her position she must go to a diversity, SJW re-education camp, attend three cultural events per month, write a letter discussing the impact of her actions, and give a speech at a SGA meeting discussing what she’s learned through the process.

Shane Smith, President of the UH SGA, supposedly handed down these sanctions because he believed Rohini had “not understood or respected how her actions have affected…the reputation of the SGA and the university.” He also said that her actions following the incident escalated the situation.

First of all, if you don’t see the irony in sending a brown-skinned woman of Indian descent to a diversity re-education camp because some people disagree with her political views, you’re a special kind of idiot. Not to mention, the one who’s requiring her to attend this ridiculous diversity training bull-crap is Shane Smith. There may not be a guy that has whiter skin or a whiter sounding name on the entire campus.

Secondly, upon reading this letter, my bullshit meter nearly exploded. Considering what I already knew, the letter didn’t make sense. Prior to this suspension, not only did Rohini delete this tweet, she wrote an apology letter to those offended. She wrote that she shouldn’t have said it, was sorry to those who were offended, and clarified that she was trying to call for unity, not insult BLM. This does not seem like the response of one who isn’t concerned about the student body being triggered by her words. This is obviously somebody who cares for others and wishes to make amends.

Considering the obvious inconsistencies, I decided to get in contact with UH College Republicans who are involved in trying to stop theses fascistic bully tactics. After talking to Matthew Wiltshire, my suspicions were confirmed. She was being cooperative, and they were trying to make an example out of her.

It seems the only mistake that Rohini made during this, as Wiltshire described it, “shit show” was being too nice. She even went to diverse cultural events, like one hosted by the Black Student Caucus (a forum on black men and police officers), in order to learn more about the issues that concern BLM.

Her attempts to understand and learn the other point of view wasn’t enough. Nothing is ever enough with fascists. First they wanted her to be silenced and not speak her views. Then, when she agreed to shut up and listen, she was told that her attendance at cultural events wasn’t just about her listening. She should have been more engaged and spoken up. They were apparently stunned and appalled when the girl being blasted as an insensitive bigot for a reasonable political statement didn’t want to speak her mind in front of the fascist SJWs who refused to accept her apology and tried to get her removed from her VP seat with the SGA.

This entire thing is a textbook display of cultural intolerance within leftism, but there’s actually a legal issue here, as well.

In the letter discussing the reason for Rohini’s punishment, Shane Smith tried to explain away the first amendment argument. His reasons are completely illogical. The SGA is not a private corporation or organization in the same manner as Walmart or the NRA. It is a private entity, but it is wholly funded by the tax-payers, via UH. Therefore, it is held to the same standard as the public university.

Suspending Rohini Sethi from her position as Vice President of the SGA for her political views, expressed on her personal Facebook page, is a violation of her right to free-speech. She has every right to make any political statement she wants on her own personal time, using her own personal social media accounts. This is not only a cowardly attempt to scare her into shutting up, by sabotaging future aspirations that could be ruined because of this, but it directly takes money out of her pocket.

Another important thing to note: Rohini’s rejection of #BlackLivesMatter, in favor of #AllLivesMatter, is actually more inclusive by its very definition.

The phrase Black Lives Matter obviously insinuates that they believe there’s a good chunk of the population out there that doesn’t believe black lives matter. They believe a significant portion of America is made up of individuals that are racist and reject the idea that a black man’s life is just as valuable as a everyone else’s. If this isn’t an offense statement, not representative of the students at UH, I don’t know what is.

As a graduate from UH, I find the obvious meaning behind #BlackLivesMatter highly offensive. It’s reasonable to believe that there’s a large chunk of students currently attending UH who believe the same. This doesn’t mean that Shane Smith and other elected SGA members have a right to strip any of the openly pro-BLM members of their Senate seat. The students voted them in, he should let them serve their term.

What should we learn from this?

Leftist are fascist. They don’t want to actually hear what you think, or have a political discussion. They want you to concede all your political views and bow to their radical, fascist, ideological understanding of morality. It doesn’t matter if you try to be nice or if you try to understand their point of view. They are opportunist. They see everyone as a tool they can use to push their political agenda and ideology.

Rohini is in the situation she’s in now because they like her, but they don’t respect her. They used her when it benefited them, but now have tossed her aside in the name of political correctness.

Stop being nice. Start standing for what you believe in. Be unapologetically firm in your well-reasoned points of view. If you do these things, you’ll at least have a chance to win some battles, gain the respect of the students that agree, but are afraid to speak out, and leave your fellow conservative and libertarian students a less hostile environment to work within.