Why We Know Vote Your Conscience Meant Never Trump

Vote Your Conscience Meant Never Trump

According to the Pro-Trump and Never-Hillary-at-all-costs crowd, Ted Cruz gave a “controversial” speech at the convention. It wouldn’t have been controversial for him to say the same things at the RNC for Bush, nor McCain, and definitely not Romney. Although, at the convention for Trump, it led to headlines like these from Breitbart and FoxNews.

The part that pissed these people off?

“We deserve leaders who stand for principle, who unite us all behind shared values, who cast aside anger for love. That is the standard we should expect from everybody. And, to those listening, please don’t stay home in November. If you love our country, and love our children as much as you do, stand, and speak, and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom, and to be faithful to the constitution.”

Cruz didn’t really take a powerful stand against Donald. He didn’t trash Donald, or say don’t vote for Donald. Cruz was booed for saying “vote your conscience”and “vote for candidates…who you trust to defend our freedom and be faithful to the constitution.” Donald Trump obviously does not fit this description, and his supporters know this.

Just like Hillary, Trump is a Leftist.

Most of Trump’s Policy Positions are Leftist

Concerning taxes, Trump has said that he thinks we should be raising taxes on the wealthy. On healthcare, he talked numerous times about everyone needing to be taken care of by the government, and he referred to a system that sounds an awful lot like universal healthcare. Hillary Clinton actually leans way farther right than him on trade (tariffs in particular are a very far leftist idea). Trump has expressed support for an increase on the minimum wage. Finally, he believes eminent domain should be allowed to be used by corporations and has used (or abused) the practice himself.

Trump’s all over on national security, holding any position from “bomb the shit out of” ISIS, to every country for itself, to leaving NATO. In general, he usually leans more non-interventionist, or isolationist, a historically left position. With the 2nd amendment issue, he had completely different opinion before he decided to run for office, believing just a few years before that we should have an assault weapons ban and longer waiting periods for gun purchases. He also praised Obama’s Newtown anti-gun speech in 2012. Trump’s abortion stance is kind of the same story. He believed you should be able to kill an 8 month fetus that’s half-way out of the womb 16 years ago and still believes to this day that Planned Parenthood is a “wonderful” organization, despite them being a massive slaughter house.

What about his infamous stance on the border? Well, he’s been good on this issue…kind of. If you take out all the borderline racist rhetoric, you might notice that he really just believes in a form of touch-back amnesty. This type of amnesty is wasteful, stupid, and a lot weaker position than guys like Ted Cruz and Rick Perry have taken. Not to mention, his position on this has constantly changed overand overand over throughout his life and this election cycle.

Trump Uses PC-Type Leftist Tactics

Donald Trump is not politically incorrect. He’s just an ignorant buffoon, and many times an ass. His course speech and personal attacks are taken as politically incorrect speech, but when we look at the stances he takes and exactly what he says, this isn’t the case at all.

For example, on the transgender bathroom law in North Carolina, he was obviously trying to be politically correct. He said that the governor should have let the local cities force businesses to allow men in the women’s restroom. It doesn’t get anymore politically correct or leftist than that. On top of that, when he retweets that Mehgan Kelley is a bimbosays Glenn Beck is a huge failure, gives out nicknames like Lyin’ Ted or Little Marco, and insults debate moderators with irrelevant details from their personal or business life, he’s not fighting political correctness. If you’re paying attention, you’ll notice that every time he does something like this, he’s trying to avoid a difficult question or distract from the truth. This, my friends, is exactly what political correctness is designed to do.

Smearing someone or degrading their character in the hopes of avoiding a discussion, or to distract from the fact that you can’t honestly and sufficiently answer their question, accomplishes the same goals for which political correctness is meant to be used. It shuts people up and distracts from the real issue.

Trump has Leftist Morals & Values

The number one attribute of a moral individual is a person that at least makes an attempt to be truthful. Trump is a blatant liar, and this is a surprise to no one. He tells obvious falsehoods on a regular basis, like giving inaccurate accounts concerning his business venturesTrump University’s BBB ratingBush’s knowledge of WMD’s in Iraqnot knowing about David Duke’s pastCruz being responsible for the Melania adMichelle Fields’ made-up story of Lewandowski grabbing and pulling herCruz being pro-amnestyhim beating Hilary Clinton in general election pollinghim self-funding…you get point. Click here to see many more examples.

There are also other issues concerning his character that show a complete lacks of morality.

First, Trump is on wife number three, someone who’s half his age and who he wrote he was already bored with, as he was watching her walk down the isle, in a book for everyone to read.

Next, Trump is a philander. He cheated on his previous wife, while she went through an exorbitant number of surgical procedures to make herself look younger. He’s also bragged on several occasions about both his promiscuity and having affairs with married women.

Finally, his choice of words to describe others are questionable. He’s insulted Mexicans, reporters, politicians, and even a physically disabled man. The goal of these insults were to degrade the individual. Sometimes there is validity to his degrading remarks and they might be warranted, but in most cases they are not.

Like Leftists, Trump Doesn’t Care About Constitutional  Principles

Trump doesn’t understand basic functions of our constitutional government. From past comments, it seems he believes that judges have the power to file criminal charges against someone. This alone is a hint that he doesn’t care about the Constitution and doesn’t plan to follow it. You cannot have reverence for and promise to defend a document you’ve never even attempted to understand.

On top of that, one of the most telling signs that he’s a Leftist is his answer to a question at a town hall. A veteran asked what he thinks the three most important functions of the US government are. Trump answered national security, healthcare, and education.

National security was a great answer. Healthcare and education are communist answers.

It seriously doesn’t get any more leftist than saying that two of the top three most important functions of the US government are healthcare and education. Anyone who thinks this is not concerned with the Constitution. In fact, the number one argument I hear used for the necessity of voting for Trump is that he will most likely pick better Supreme Court justices. This is not a rational assessment. Sorry, but you won’t get conservative, Constitutionalist supreme court justices unless you’re willing to fight for them. If Reagan had trouble fighting for great justices, it’s not rational to think there’s even the smallest chance Trump will be the guy to get constitutional originalists on the Supreme Court.

Finally, Donald wants to “open up libel laws” and didn’t like the Citizens United decision. That’s called being against free-speech my friends. You know, like leftists, who have no regard for the constitution.

I think Trump’s leftist tendencies will destroy any possibility of reviving the Republican party once his name is attached to it. If he becomes President, not only will he implement leftist policies, but his record will be a stigma of chasing people away from the conservative movement.

This is why I’m Never Trump (with a caveat for only the most extreme, and very unlikely, circumstances).

If you believe Trump is the only option because Hilary is so bad, okay. That’s fine. There’s an argument to be made concerning that point of view. I just ask that people stop insisting that he’s going to be even halfway decent for the nation. Stop destroying your good name for a philandering, immoral, strongman who stands for everything we’ve fought so hard against.

Saying that Trump is good, or even halfway decent, shows that you are either ignorant or intentionally untruthful. You can’t reasonably argue, like an article I recently read by Wayne Grudem, that Trump’s crappy positions (of which there are many) are “mistaken ideas” that he doesn’t really mean, but his good ideas are “promises” that will “bring much good to the nation.” You can’t just ignore his fascist, immoral, leftist views, while praising his few good ones.

Vote your conscience.

If that means Never Trump for you, awesome. If it means stop Hilary by voting for the lesser evil, Trump, I respect your decision. But, can we please stop pretending he’s a wonderful candidate.